Sunday, April 10, 2016

Disneyland Paris!

My parents are the sweetest people alive, on our first day in Paris, they took their 28 year old child to DISNEYLAND PARIS!! When we were planning our time in Paris, each of us said one thing we wanted to do during our visit, my pick was going to Disneyland. So, my sweet, sweet parents "sacrificed" a day in Paris and took me to Disneyland! We took about a 30 minute subway ride and found ourselves at the front gates of the park. I was so excited! I had been looking at videos and pictures of all the rides for months leading up to our trip.

The entrance to Disneyland Paris is gorgeous. I couldn't seem to take enough pictures of it!

A hippo in a tutu!

This little Merida waiting to enter the park was the cutest thing ever. I thought her dress was gorgeous and want one in my size.

Disneyland Paris is very similar to Disneyland in California in that you walk through Main Street to get to the rest of the park. Main Street Paris is almost just like Main Street USA, but with a few slight differences.

The stores on Main Street were just as fun and beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside.

The Castle! Oh my goodness, the castle. It is so fun and whimsical.
There are so many things I loved about this castle, the spires upon spires, the magical landscaping, the long walkway leading up to it's entrance, and the inside! The inside is so magical!
But more on the castle later ...

We decided to start in Discoveryland since I was so excited to see all the fun steam punk details. It did not disappoint! As endearing as the 70's "future" is in Disneyland California, I loved the feel in Discoveryland so much more.

Our first ride experience was Buzz Lightyear, it's one of my dad's most favorite rides, as you can tell by his intense action shot. Don't be fooled by the picture of me and my mom, we may look bored but we were concentrating hard on the targets, I promise!

We didn't have time to ride anymore of the rides in Discoveryland, our plan was to come back after dinner and ride Space Mountain, but I was waaaay too exhausted, so we will just have to go back!

We crossed back through Main Street to get to Frontierland to ride Phantom's Manor!

And this is how my mom and I got such great pictures of the park even though it was raining. Bless my sweet, sweet daddy.

Phantom Manor is an interesting ride, there are a lot of similarities between it and the Haunted Mansion, but is meant to be much darker and scarier than the California version. I definitely thought it was pretty scary, I would hesitate before taking a little person on this ride. Phantom Manor follows the plot of a couple engaged to be married, while the bride is getting ready for their wedding, a phantom lures her fiance up to attic and hangs him from the rafters. In the well known ballroom scene, the bride sits alone waiting for her groom to appear but alas, he never showed. The young bride never took off her wedding dress or dropped her bouquet, since she was convinced her suitor would come back to her. The phantom mocks her devotion and slowly fills the house with his dead, demonic friends.

Phantom Manor has an amazing view of Thunder Mountain from it's front porch, so that is where we headed next. Dad and I rode this ride while Mom relaxed at a near by cafe. Since we didn't know where the cameras were on any of the rides, all our pictures captured our genuine reactions. Dad and I were lovin Big Thunder Mountain!

We headed over to Adventureland to ride one of my favorite rides, Indiana Jones. I will admit I was slightly disappointed to discover that it's completely different than the one in California, but of course  I still rode it. It was raining pretty hard at this point, and the entire roller coaster is outside, so I got pretty soaked!

Adventureland in Paris is quite large, and it super jungle-ly. There is an awesome pirate themed playground that would be fun to explore with little nephews and nieces. 

I loved the recreation of Agrabah! Aladdin was such a good movie and is definitely a classic, I wish the Disney Parks would do more with this movie! But this little corner of Adventureland was a pretty good nod to the Arabian tale. 

After a great morning in Disney, we headed over to Walt Disney Studios, Paris' version of California Adventure, to dine at Remy's Restaurant from Rataouille!

A post covering all of the Walt Disney Studios park is coming up next!


  1. Oh wow, it all looks so awesome!! I really want to go there some day. Cute Dad and the umbrellas! The backstory on the Phantom Manor is pretty dang twisted :o

  2. Looks like Paris Disney is pretty fun! I love the castle.