Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fantasyland Paris and Parade

The second half of our Disney Paris Adventure was spent in FANTASYLAND!! I think Fantasyland is always the most adorable and magical land in all the parks, and Fantasyland Paris did not disappoint. We got to pass through the castle to get to Fantasyland from Main Street, so I naturally took loads more pictures of it, it's just so magical!

I wanted to spend some time exploring the castle, but we were so short on time, we just had enough time to enjoy how amazing the main passage was. Purple sparkling trees! Painted, vaulted ceilings! Sleeping Beauty themed stained glass! Medieval chandeliers! Everything was absolutely perfection! I loved every single detail.

On the other end of the royal passage were the huge thorns Maleficent created to keep Prince Philip away from Princess Aurora. They were super cool! The majority of them were under renovation so this picture doesn't even begin to do them justice. 

By now it was pouring rain, like monsoon kind of rain. We tried our hardest to stay dry beneath our umbrellas, but there was no protection from the low flooding that was slowly beginning to take over all the walkways! We got pretty soaked! 

We finally made it to Peter Pan's Flight! The line was fairly long, since it is the most popular ride in Fantasyland, but most guests were still huddled in shops and under archways waiting for the rain to stop. This ride is pretty similar to the one in California, with a few differences. Flying over London and Neverland are always my favorite parts!

When we got back from our little trip to Neverland, the rain had stopped, and the sun was shining and everything looked gorgeous with the dramatic backdrop of the clearing clouds.

Cutest stroller sign ever

We were on our way to try and ride Space Mountain before our dinner reservations when we saw cast members setting up for a parade. We had to choose between the parade and Space Mountain, one of my favorite rides! We chose the parade cause, well it's a Disney Parade it was bound to be so much fun! Plus, we got to see "the hottest man in Paris" so it was pretty worth it.

On our way to dinner in Downtown Disney, we passed by these super fun Vintage Posters!
They made me think of Mike and Jenny since they love the ones in CA so much.

We ate at Kind Ludwig's Castle for dinner. I thought the food was really good and the decorations were super fun.

By now we were all soaking wet, freezing and exhausted. I wanted nothing more than to get back to the hotel, take a warm shower and crawl into bed. It was definitely a whirlwind of a day! Time sure flies when I am in Disney! We covered a lot of ground in just one day, we saw both parks as well as their Downtown Disney (which I will say is nothing special, but there are a lot of restaurants there)

I absolutely loved our day in Disneyland Paris, and will be forever grateful that my sweet parents were willing to take me and run from ride to ride while taking in as much of the magic as possible. 

Until next time Paris Disney!

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  1. it was a great day! I loved our Medieval dinner ...the murals and ceiling were so Teutonic/ Byzantine a style only Ludwig could come up with! Your pictures catch the rich color!