Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Relaxing Day in VA

After our extrememly busy day running around a mile a minute all over Williamsburg yesterday, we decided to have a nice relaxing day today. In the morning everyone besides me and John went for a nice leisurely bike ride. It looked like so much fun! I love bike riding, however I was still a little jet lagged from Europe and I ate a ton of gluten the day before and I was just plain tired, so I opted to stay home and sleep in ... way in ... When I finally woke up, John was studying and doing some online homework. We had a fun morning chatting and playing games and discussing a call I had received from a Mr. Paul Hunt about coming in for an interview for a position at The Falls Event Center I had applied for before I left for Virginia. Little did I know what good friend this Paul character and I would become ...

When everyone got back from biking and Karin and I had made everyone sandwiches for lunch, we decided to explore all the fun things our condo resort had to offer. The older boys played tennis with Ricky, while Karin, Thomas, James and I headed for the miniature golf course located by a nice big playground.

We had So. Much. Fun! Thomas and James were my little cheerleaders and would cheer me on whenever it was my turn. I wanted to take them home with me so they could cheer me on when I do big grown up things, such as getting out of bed, or choosing to get a 24 oz. soda instead of the usual 44 oz.

That night we had the spontaneous idea to have a picnic on the beach of the lake, and watch the sun set. Since it was a last minute idea, we got there just in time to see the very end of the sunset, and then picnicked in the dark. It was such a fun night, it was fun to be outside, enjoying nature, and being with family.

When we got home it was time for dessert, Karin and I had been collecting all sorts of pumpkin flavored goodies at the stores in Williamsburg, we were both so excited for the upcoming Autumn season! 

The boys were excited to play this Bean Boozled "game" we found at a candy shop. There were two flavors for every color, one good and one bad, very bad. When it was your turn to spin, you had to pick up whichever color it landed and and hope it was one of the good flavored ones. After about 8 rounds, only one person had succeeded in getting a good flavor, so we got suspicious. Andrew, being the mathematical, smart person that he is, divided all the colors out and found out there were ten of each color and after taking one for the team and sampling all of one color, he discovered there was 1 good flavor to every NINE disgusting flavors. So unfair! But it definitely will be a fun memory we will remember for a long time.

Then it was time for bed, James loved getting his "eye-ya" all swaddled and ready for bed, it was adorable.

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