Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Williamsburg Round 2

Day two in Williamsburg began at the beautiful Governor's Palace.The Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia was the official residence of the Royal Governors of the Colony of Virginia. It was also a home for two of Virginia's post-colonial governors, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, until the capital was moved to Richmond in 1780, and with it the Governor's residence. 

Then we walked to the outskirts of town to take a tour of the jail,
 the boys had a fun time with that tour.

While walking to dinner, one of the historical reenactments was just beginning, we decided to stop and watch for a little while

Such great little helpers!

Tonight we dined at the Dog Street Pub, and I am in complete shock that I didn't take any pictures of our meal there! I sometimes forget how exhausted I get traveling.. I love our meal here, it was delicious and the restaurant is so fun! While its an American Gastropub, they serve many of my favorite British pub food such as fish and chips and Sticky Toffee Pudding! 

As soon as I saw the pudding on the menu I had to order some and let the Burtons try it. While we were traveling through England this last summer, my parents and I tried every sticky toffee pudding we could find, it became our favorite English treat. I'm glad the boys got introduced to this delicious dessert now so they can be even more excited about it when we try it in London this July!!

Then we stopped by the candy store where everyone picked out a few treats to enjoy during our movie night we had back at the condo. Such a fun day!

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  1. Love the red and white check fabric on the chairs! Just like our blue and white chairs in the family room or the green and white wing backs in the red family room, which was designed to be like Williamsburg. Loved the squirrel picture and the one of the sheep ...perfect composition and caught the spirit of the place so well! Glad to see some of the leaves had turned golden...perfect time to visit! ...and the sticky toffee pudding picture made my mouth water!