Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paint Nite and Dinner at The Rest

Part two of our fun sister's weekend took place in downtown Salt Lake, starting with Paint Nite at Lumpy's. I had always wanted to try a paint nite and was so excited to finally try it out!

We each got our own canvas, set of brushes, water cup, and plate of paints

Bethy got us some delicious Mormon Mules to enjoy while we painted

We had such a fun and energetic teacher who gave us simple, easy to follow step by step, instructions while painting an example canvas at the front of our class.

It was fun to walk around at the end of class and see how everyone had interpreted each step. Some people added in or left out little details, while others chose to go in a completely different direction, such as one patient and supportive husband who had put a giant volcano in the middle of his field.

All five of us loved the way our paintings turned out! I am not an artist, I struggle hard when it comes to painting, drawing, sculpture etc and I usually stress out big time when in an art class, but I thought this was so fun!

After Paint Nite we went out to eat at The Rest, a hidden speak easy located below a Bodega on Main Street. The Rest has a unique, eclectic vibe with exposed brick walls, vintage light bulbs and taxidermy.

The Rest doesn't just offer a cosy and enchanting atmosphere, their food and drinks are different and delicious. I loved everything I ordered!

After dinner, we went back to my parent's house to drop my mom off. We lined up all of our paintings and had my dad try to guess whose was whose. I admit it was a pretty difficult challenge, but it was fun to hear his analysis of each painting.

After saying good night to Mom and Dad, the four of us went back down town to spend the night is the elegant Hotel Monaco.

We had a fun little guest waiting for us when we got into our room

We shared a lot of giggles before heading to bed.

This weekend was so much fun! It was wonderful to have a weekend dedicated to bonding with and enjoying time with my sisters without any distractions. I consider myself so lucky to have these three  amazing women as my sisters. I love them with my whole heart and look up to them in every way. They are such great examples of strong, loving, creative, smart, fun, funny women and I love how close we all are. 

I'm excited to to turn this sisters weekend into an annual tradition!

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  1. Great pictures to remember a fun evening together. I love that you four girls are so close; always make time together a priority!