Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sister's Weekend

This past July my sisters and I got together and had a special sister's trip, just the four of us. I have no idea why we haven't ever organized one of these before, we need to make it an annual tradition! We had so much fun! 

We drove up to Park City on Friday and went to dinner at Handle, a new, hip restaurant right at the top of main street.

Everything is served family style, so we got to try all sorts of fun and unique dishes comprised of fresh, organic ingredients. I loved everything we ordered, especially the chicken and biscuit sandwich, I could order one all for myself and love every bite!

After dinner, and a quick treat run to the grocery store, we headed to our gorgeous hotel, The Chateaux Deer Valley. Our room was done in a country french style complete with a large fire place.

We wanted to recreate our tweenage years and give each other make overs, but with a twist. We gave each other UGLY make overs. We created 5 categories, eye brows, eyes, lips, hair & misc., and filled them up with the ugliest things we could think of. Then we each took turns blindly drawing from each category.

These were the cards that I drew ... 

We all swore that we would NEVER publicly share the photos of our completed masterpieces, they are locked away forever in the giggle vault. However, I am willing to share this small glimpse into the beginning of my beautiful make over....

It was so much fun to stop acting like adults for a minute, throw all of our cares away, stop being so serious, and just be silly and ridiculous and giggle with my sisters and closest friends all night long.

After a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, I really did feel like I was dining at a french chateaux, we headed down to the Park City resort to ride the Alpine Slide. Since it had started to sprinkle a little bit, the slide was close, so we opted to ride the coaster instead since Jenny and Karin hadn't ever ridden it before.

The slow ride up to the top was absolutely gorgeous, and quite relaxing. I enjoyed going up just as much as I did going down!

Both Karin and Jenny totally LOVED the coaster! I don't dare say the coaster is better than the slide since the slide is such a historic part of my childhood, but it is pretty awesome that you can go as fast as you want and not worry about flying off the side of the track ...

Next up, caramel apples for lunch! It would feel like a huge crime to ride the Alpine coaster/slide and not get a caramel apple afterwards, the two are meant to go together!

After our indulgent lunch, we drove down to the city to pick up our wonderful mother for part two of our girls weekend, Paint Night and dinner at The Rest!

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