Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Yacht Club Resort

While planning our trip to Disney World Laura found the most amazing deal for the Yacht Club Resort. The Yacht Club is one of Disney's Deluxe resorts and is absolutely gorgeous, it's lakeside and shares many amenities with it's next door neighbor the Disney Beach Club Resort. The Yacht Club is within walking distance to Epcot and has water taxis to Hollywood Studios. There was some construction going on in some of the rooms during our stay, that's how we were able to get such an amazing steal of a deal to stay there. We only heard construction noises once, and it didn't bother us at all so it was so totally worth it.

We had a corner room that was right next to the stairs that led outside, it was such a perfect location, we could be in or out of our rooms and on the dock in just a matter of seconds. I also adored how our room had so many windows, the room would flood with light each morning, it was the perfect sight to wake up to each morning.

I was obsessed with all the nautical and Disney details.

We had a balcony that over looked the lake and the boardwalk 

On our first night, we walked over to the French Pavillion in the World Show Case to get dinner at one of Laura's all time favorite WSC eateries, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. We had breath taking views of the lake as we strolled by the beaches of the Beach Club Resort. It was right at sunset so everything was bathed in that glorious golden light, and the weather cooled down to a nice balmy temperature with a slight breeze, it's one of my favorite memories from the trip. 

Every morning Laura would brew us a nice blend of herbal teas to help our tummies digest and detox all of the sugar and gluten we were consuming. I would pair it with whatever room treat I had at the time (of course it was always full of sugar and gluten...) for a delicious pre breakfast snack to enjoy while I got ready.

We would also enjoy room snacks at night before going to bed. I would love to change into my jammies and crawl under the covers to unwind from the day's adventures while enjoying a sweet little treat. Room treats are an essential part of any Disney vacation.

We were able to catch both sunrises and sunsets over the boardwalk and the lake

Coming home to the hotel all light up at night time was the best feeling in the world. We were always so exhausted at the end of every day so being welcomed home with twinkle lights being reflected in the water was glorious.

We wanted to make sure to have time to explore the boardwalk during our vacation, so we decided to have a late dinner there one night. It was the perfect way to enjoy the boardwalk, it was so fun and whimsical with all it's lights shinning bright and the temperature could not be beat, it got pretty hot during the day so being out at night was the way to go.

The palm trees at our other neighboring hotel, The Dolphin, always had a fun light show going at night, we had a perfect view from the boardwalk.

We had corndogs for dinner, and it was perfect

Then we got dessert at the fairly new to Disney, Ample Hills Creamery!

They had the cutest murals on the walls

Creamy and delicious ice cream in an oreo cone with a cherry on top, yes please!

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  1. What a beautiful hotel. I loved the nautical theme in the carpets, upholstery, and over all design. Your room looked lovely and light. This sounds like a magical trip, with Laura's expertise about how to go about things in the very nicest way. I am so happy you had this opportunity to see Disney World at its best.