Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pokemon Birthday Party

This year, all three of the Griffin kids had a special, combined Pokemon themed birthday party! The whole Griffin clan is amazing at playing the Pokemon Go game, and know all the best pokemon to collect, so this was the perfect theme for them, and they were so excited.

Jenny did an AMAZING job with all the decor, she had three excited helpers assist her in creating larger than life versions of several different Pokemon, they were incredibly detailed and turned out so well!

They also painted lanterns to look like Poke balls and created some adorable stuffed Pokemon at Build-a-bear. Jenny's creativity is always so inspiring.

Bethy came as a Pokemon trainer and V was the most adorable, little Pikachu 

The lunch buffet was also very Pokemon themed, I don't know that much about Pokemon or the game Pokemon Go, but I still loved all the adorable food labels, and appreciated how all the food tied into the theme.

After lunch, Sarah from Wild Wonders brought some animals for us to learn about and interact with. We have had Wild Wonders come to a couple other of our parties in the past, we absolutely love them and their mission. Click HERE to visit their website and learn more about what they do.

The birthday kids got to pick 8 animals to come to their party. They picked animals that resembled Pokemon. I don't know all of their names, but Jenny and the kids made a banner with the 8 pokemon the animals they chose resemble, it is hanging above the  fireplace in the picture below:

We got one bonus animal, this adorable little piggy! He was scheduled for another party that day, so he got to come along to ours as well. He was super adorable, his name was Hamlet.

Then we got to meet Toothpicks the hedgehog.

Next was this adorable and sleepy chinchilla named Dusty. She was pregnant and was scheduled to have her babies at any minute. She was such a good sport to come to our party. My sisters and I grew up with a pet chinchilla, so these ultra soft, unique, little animals are very dear to our family.

Next was this fascinating iguana, we were surprised to learn he isn't fully grown yet!

Vienne was documenting all these fun animals by taking tons of pictures and videos, just like a little teenager.

Then we got to say hello to Big Red, the boa. Big Red has come to other parties we have thrown, he is always a big hit.

Snakes have the cutest faces!

This cute little guy is new to Wild Wonders and doesn't have a name yet, our family had a fun time coming up with suggestions. He is an itty-bitty little tortoise.

Walnut the ferret was a big hit with the crowd. He was super interested in exploring everything, and was so patient while being held and petted. I would have loved to have snuck him in my purse and brought him home, he was so adorable. 

That face! Those adorable little paws!

Our last pet friend we got to play with was a Flemish Giant Rabbit. He was so soft, and very chill and calm. He layed on his little towel and let all of us pet him for as long as we wanted, he was gorgeous.

After we said goodbye to Sarah and all of her amazing animals, it was time for cake! Jenny is a master at creating themed cakes, I always look forward to seeing what she has made. This year she made three whole cakes, one for each birthday kid.

I'm no Pokemon expert, but I am assuming these are different levels of Pokeballs. I'm not sure which one is the "best" or if there even is one ... but either way, turning them into birthday cakes was pretty genius.

Then it was time for presents!

Bethy made each of the kids a Pokeball bath bomb gift pack, such a fun and cute idea!

What an awesome party! We all had an amazing time! Happy Birthday Nora, Evie and Sam!

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