Saturday, April 21, 2018

Church History Tour: Arriving in Chicago

The next day we drove the 6 hours from Kirtland, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was another stop we added in for a change of pace and since Karin's boys hadn't ever been to this fascinating city before, there aren't any church history sites in Chicago.

We got to Chicago in time for a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite German restaurant in the city, The Berghoff.

I always warn my family if they do a silly photo bomb in one of my photos, they run the chance of it ending up on my blog. Ricky is always willing to take that chance ...

After our delicious meal of oversized pretzels, wienerschnitzel, and large steins of house made root beer, we were excited to enjoy the beautiful weather and to stretch our legs after a long day of driving.

We stayed at the Parker House, which is a nice walking distance from Navy Pier.

When we reached the pier, we bought tickets for all the different rides we wanted to ride. First up, the Ferris Wheel. This well known ride was invented in Chicago for the 1893 World's Fair. It was America's response to France's Eiffle Tower that was built for the 1878 World's Fair.

We had glorious views of the city bathed in the golden light of the setting sun

Next ride was the swinging swings. I have always loved these types of rides, I have lots of fond memories of riding the swings at Lagoon as a kid. Ben really wanted to ride this ride, but no one else did so I said I would go with him, it was a big sacrifice on my part ;)

After a couple more rides, we caught an architecture at night and fireworks boat tour! 

It was so much fun to watch the city go from day to night. As the sky got dark, the lights on the buildings started to come on. The contrast of the warm yellow lights, against the cool blue of the sky was gorgeous.

Our ride ended with a firework show! Fireworks over water are one of my favorite things! The reflection of the fireworks in the water, makes them that much more impressive. 

The walk back to the hotel was just as gorgeous at night as it had been during the day. I really love this city, it is so unique.

We made a quick stop at the famous bean before going back to the hotel. A first time trip to this city wouldn't be complete without a bean viewing, so we had to make sure to squeeze it in somewhere for the boys. 

What a long but wonderful day! We woke up in Ohio and went to sleep in Illinois, and we had a blast in between.

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