Sunday, August 12, 2018

Paris Disney 25th Anniversary

After the wedding, we said goodbye to the French Riviera and started making our way to Paris. We made one, three day stop at Disneyland Paris before arriving in the city. I had been to Disneyland Paris once before with my parents, we only had one day there and it was pouring rain most of the time, but we still managed to see a lot of the park and ride a lot of the rides and ate at some really fun restaurants. To see pictures from that trip CLICK HERE and HERE.

We didn't realize when we planned our trip here, that Disneyland Paris would be celebrating their 25th anniversary! What a fun surprise! Their anniversary colors were silver and blue and there was tons of special decorations, limited time treats, and celebratory performances.

We had plans to head straight for the castle to see the dragon lair underneath, but we were drawn in by this beyond magical candy shop on our way.

Special 25th anniversary dress

All the window displays had been done to celebrate the anniversary and they were gorgeous.

This is one of my favorite signs on main street. The cup actually steams, it was hard to get a picture of, especially with the overcast skies. But it's a fun little bit of unexpected magic.

There were silver and blue Tinkerbell's on all the street lights lining main street, each one was in a different position.

We saw several of the characters, and they were all in special anniversary outfits!

The Disney Paris castle is so gorgeous, it's hard to stop taking pictures of it.

In a cold and dark cavern underneath the Disneyland Paris castle sits a sleeping dragon amid a misty pool. From time to time, the beast awakens, looks around, roars softly and goes back asleep. The dragon is the centerpiece of the popular “Dragon Lair” walkthrough attraction. It’s one of the biggest Audio Animatronic figures ever conceived by Walt Disney Imagineering.

It is often thought that the Audio Animatronic represents “Maleficent” when it is in fact the dragon of Merlin, who also lives in the castle. Merlin and the dragon crossed paths when they were young and soon became good friends. It was only years later that they realized that society expected them to be enemies. But despite the social pressure, the two most unlikely of friends were able to hold on to their friendship and grow old together. Upon Merlin’s retirement, the king gave the wizard and his dragon friend a home in and underneath the castle.

After visiting the dragon, guests exit through Merlin's sorcerer's cave, which sells some of the most exquisite merchandise available in the park.

After spending time under the castle, we then spent some time going through the castle. Upstairs tells the story of sleeping beauty through stunning stained glass windows and intricately woven tapestries.

We got great views of Fanstasyland from the castle's balcony.

This magical Christmas store is right next-door to the castle.

For lunch, we ate at Au Chalet de la Marionnette. We had a delicious meal of bratwursts and roasted chicken. We made sure to order any special anniversary menu items at every place we ate, here they were serving special anniversary chocolate filled, shortbread star cookies.

After lunch we headed to It's a Small World, one of Vienne's favorite rides!

She insisted on wearing her sunglasses throughout the entire ride.

All the scenes are different in this version of the Happiest Cruise Around the World, which makes it fun and exciting. 

The end scene is always my favorite!

We caught the end of a super cute castle show with all the characters!

Spotted: a limited edition anniversary donut we had to stop and try.

It was filled with chocolate, surprise!

The castle plaza had these super cute blue and silver, anniversary statues of the Fab 5 Disney characters and Tinkerbell.

More of Disney Paris coming in the next post!

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