Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations Show

One of our afternoons in Paris Disney was dedicated to making sure we had front row seats to the special anniversary Stars on Parade. We found the perfect place right across from the castle and had a perfect view of all our favorite Disney characters as they danced by.

Such a fun parade! The floats were outstanding and the costumes were fantastic! After the parade we got some crepes for lunch, we ate a lot of crepes while in Paris Disney, they are the go to snack in the park. They have nutella filled ones or sugar coated ones. We tried both, nutella won by a landslide.

After riding a few rides and exploring the park, it was time to get seats for the Disney Illuminations firework show.

We had picked up dinner of croque monsieurs, San Pellegrinos and anniversary cupcakes and had a picnic while reserving our spot and waiting for the show to start. Our croque monsieurs were so delicious, I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in Paris Disney.

Disney Illuminations was more than a firework show, it was like combining World of Color, a castle projection show AND fireworks. It was magnificent! The crowds in Paris sit down during shows which is genius and I wish it would become common practice in all the parks since everyone gets a perfect view that way. Well, there was one guy who refused to sit, for whatever reason, even after the entire crowd had asked him to sit... so he is in some of my pictures, good memories.

I took so many pictures, and I tried really hard to not post too many, but it was just so hard to choose. The show was spectacular and I just wanted to capture and share it all!

The show was the perfect ending to a fairytale of a time at Paris Disney. 

Mickey waves goodbye and says goodnight to everyone as we leave the park, such a fun and magical touch.

We had such a wonderful time in Paris Disney, it was so fun to get to join in their 25th Anniversary celebration! Next up, Paris.

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