Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jenny Lake and The Grand Tetons

Goodness me! This is a huge post so be excited! I have found that I have a hard time picking which pictures to share because there are just so many good ones! This June I went with Nick's UVU science excursion class on a wonderful camping trip to explore and discover Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons National Parks. It was amazing! I haven't been there since I was just a lil guy so it was all new to me! I quickly found that I am going to need to split this adventure into many posts becuase between the two of us we had four cameras, snapping millions of pictures at each fascinating location.

We started our trip in Yellowstone but that post is soon to come, we begin this masterpiece when we arrived at our second campsite, right across from the Grand Tetons. We made dinner as we set up camp, by far the best dinner of the whole trip, Lasagna complimented by cornbread.

The next morning we woke up to french toast, my favorite breakfast food, and moose in the camp! On the way to the bathroom we found two bull moose in the forests surrounding our campsite, I love wildlife and I love french toast.

Then we drove to Jenny Lake (It got its name as a memorial to a wife of one of the earlier explorers.) We took a boat to the other side then hiked to Hidden Falls and Insperation Point.

When we made it to the top we had a nice snack break then chased marmots, pikas, and chimpmunks for like 45 minutes, who would have guessed that marmots could be so exciting. Then we went hunting for moose and we found a bull moose! They are so neat, yet so awkward.

After we were done with all our wild animal hunts we started our hike down. Instead of taking the boat back to the other side we hiked the two miles around the lake and it was gorgeous! We were right next to the lake with amazing views of the majestic Tetons. We saw the most unique and beautiful flowers on our way back. Our little adventure turned into something wild when it started to POUR huge rain drops. I sang the only two lines that I know from singing in the rain over and over. When we got to the bottom there was a momma and a baby moose crossing our path, so cool yet a little scary at the same time, they are H U G E! When we reached the log cabin shops we eagerly got cups of delicious hot chocolate and had yummy chicken salad sandwhiches for lunch.

Seeing that is was still pouring rain by the time we got back to our little camp we decided to go to Jackson Hole for a little window shopping and antiquing to see if the sky would let up before attempting to make dinner. I found a shop that I fell in love with that had treasures from India and other far and exciting lands. We even got to witness a cowboy shoot out while running from warm shop to warm shop. Alas when our time at Jackson had been spent it was still raining, maybe even a little bit harder then before, but being the strong campers that we had become we headed back to camp and made a spaghetti dinner, complete with green salad and garlic bread with cookies for dessert, and our resident Mcgiver (also known as Adam) made us a delux dining canopy of a tarp and canoe paddles. It was a fun way to end such a fantastic trip.


  1. goodness looks like fun. your pics make me even more excited to go on my camping trip Im going on in a few weeks. I have been told that us Johns girls might have a gene that attracts animals, cause we always seem to see and interact with more critters than most people. But I wonder if that same gene attracts bugs as well :( cause I seemed to be more than popular with the bugs up in Montana and now I feel like I have chicken pox with all my bites. Arrg!

  2. What a great oppourtunity to spend time in such beautiful surroundings! I am so jealous... However, it sounds like it was a lot of fun and enlightening as well. Kate, you have a sharp eye for photography. I particularly like the wild flowers shot where the flowers are in focus and the background is fuzzy. That always gives it a neat impressionistic touch. (kinda) I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the other segment of your trip.

  3. Jenny Lake - sounds like a super cool place! I love your landscape shots. The moose shots turned out nicely, but totally freak me out. I hope you just had a good zoom on your camera.