Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my BIRTHDAY on October 28!!and boy did I have the best day ever! It started off in floral design lab, i got to make myself a beautiful fall arrangement and since it was my birthday I got to be the first in line to pick out flowers! YAY! After school I came home and found this note on the door. Who doesn't like to come home to cute surprises like that! There was a nice note inside and a set of instructions to follow, instruction one was to call Nicky B., so I did.

Nicky B then came and picked me up and treated me to lunch at my favorite place
I N D I A P A L A C E! Yummy! we even made it in time for the buffet which meant as much naan as I wanted, that was their birthday gift to me.

Then we went for a little fall drive up the canyon and luckily Nick was there to point out this note on a random little turn off. We were sooo curious to figure out what it said! It said, "Kate welcome to the trail, follow it." I had no choice, I followed it. A little ways up there was a clearing with a fire pit and there was another note! Who would have thought? This one said, "follow either trail both are legit. follow the yellow." such amazing little clues! This is me "following the yellow"

We happened to come across this box that was so oddly placed in the forest, we decided to open it and see what was inside. There was a pair of socks that will be documented later, they are purely amazing and a watch box that had a note inside that said, "O no! I was stolen! follow the other trail" while I was following the other trial I couldn't help but think what kind of person stills a watch from the middle of the forest? While on the other trail I found this cake underneath the leaves I was so surprised! It had my name on it so I decided to take it.

When we got back to the car Nick asked me to get his camera out of the glove compartment, I thought how odd, nick never ever ever has his camera .... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! inside I found the watch that I had been coveting for months and months!! I could NOT believe it i waited for him to say that it was mine before I took it out I just couldn't believe it!! I was elated.

Then we went to a pretty little park to eat my DQ ice cream cake. Notice that it is green with polka dots. Green is my favorite color. I love polka dots. Perfection.

The socks. The black cats on the heels are my favorite part. I wore them the rest of the day.

My awesome roommate and best friend gave me the gift of a spotless kitchen, lime bar cupcakes and a box of recipes that I had been eying when we went shopping the day before. What a sneaky and sweet person. I loved all of it.

Next up the cornbelly's corn maze and festivities at Thanksgiving point with the ladies of S club 8. We explored the belly of a monster which nobody could identify, then we made our way through Larry H. Millers face. We survived both ... barely. Then we bounced on "the bouncy things" I loved this part, I was as happy as a child on their birthday ... wait ....

When we got home from our wild Thanksgiving point adventures I had a surprise visitor who brought designer treats!! How did she know I love cupcakes? most likely becuase she is my sister and "that's how we roll, connected at the soul!"

The party doesn't stop there. On Sunday I had my combined birthday dinner, my daddy's birthday is 2 days after mine so we party together. We had a delicious turkey dinner, once again my faVoRitE! and the best Halloween cake bakers ever created. Then my sweet family teamed up and got me this SWEEEET camera that I have been wanting ever since bethy let me borrow hers back in California this spring. So hopefully my posts will appear more professional now! My sister also got me a gift certificate to my favorite store ever, forever XXI. I am so stoked I could live in that store.

thank you, Thank You, THANK you, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that made my birthday so amazingly awesome! I LOVE all of you so so SO much!


  1. Kate that really is the best birthday ever!!! It looked so great! I still miss you! One day we will get day!

  2. Kate that really is the best birthday ever!!! It looked so great! I still miss you! One day we will get day!

  3. happy birthday kate! I loved hanging out with you! sounds like such a perfect day! what a cute little scavenger hunt you went on too! loved it! i am impressed at the pictures i took of you on the bouncy thing. pro! ha ha jk. love you

  4. KATE I feel like you got oddly high on that "bouncy thing" did u do it?