Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in photo taking

So I got a sweet camera for my birthday and I have been busy experimenting with it and figuring out how it works. My first goal is to fully understand the white balance, ISO and aperture and to develop my artistic eye. So this is what I have captured so far, keep in mind these were more of experiments to help get acquainted with the settings on my new friend. To add a different dimension to my images I have assigned each photo one word to describe what I see when I look at them which might give you a little insight to my quirky personality, but that's what makes the art world awesome.
















  1. Kate (you know Im serious cause Im calling you that) these are beautiful. You really do have a natural eye for seeing what in this world would make a good photograph. Im so glad that you are seeing and enjoying the details, like the curly dried leaves of thistles. Things that most people dont ever notice. Youll enjoy the world better now even i you dont have a camera in hand, just because you can see those things. I have loved seeing you learn and use your camera so that you can capture better what you see. Your talent has budded almost overnight and with your interest and love I know it will blossom in no time. It already exceeds a lot of what I see daily. I can tell that for you and your camera this is the start of a very close and meaningful relationship. BFF haha. I love you. Lets totally go shooting over thanksgiving break, I would LOVE to take you to the jetty.

  2. my favorites (so hard to choose cause I love them all) are...

    "the first one" (is this just outside of the MOA @ BYU?) (thats gorgeous in the springtime too)
    "Tentacle" (although "charge" was perfect, I see the fists.... keep it together man....)
    "Mystery" (where is this, did you go to Europe w/out me?)(birds, clouds...perfect)
    "Burn" (what the heck, what is this? its awesome!)

  3. Oh man, you are off to a great start with your new camera! Now I want some aebleskivers!