Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Adventure in Wonderland

Alright folks I am finally back in business!! I have been so excited to share this post with all of you becuase this party was soooo amazing! For our friend Cassandra's birthday back in the beginning of March, we threw her a very merry unbirthday party!! We all received invitations from the Queen of hearts to join her and her friends in wonderland for a mad tea party. When we arrived we fell down the rabbit hole in order to get to the wonderful gardens of wonderland.

Alice at her Tea Party

Everyone was there! Including Alice and the mad hatter (Cassandra and Erick), a pair of Aces from the queens royal guard (Me and my date Nick), the all wise caterpillar (John), the crazy march hare and the white rabbit (Bethy and Reece), the white queen and her white knight (Angie and Bear) as well as the Cheshire cat and the drunken door mouse (Kelly and Jared), Diana (Laura) and a butterfly and the dark knight (Helen and Joe).

We had a lovely tea party feast which included bread and butterflys, eat me cookies, drink me bottles, french petite fours and macaroons and little oyster madelines. We also had quite a selection of tea sandwiches and little quiches and lots of heart, club, spade and diamond cookies. We had a sparkling peach tea as well as a delicious sangria to drink.

Then we headed off to see Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland in 3D!! It was such a good film, I loved it! We of course went all dressed up in our costumes and were a hit with all our fellow movie goers. Many members of our cast were asked to have their picture taken with several fans, one little girl was absolutely enchanted with mad hatter Erick, she was adorable!

After the movie we all went back to wonderland to have birthday cake and sing a merry very unbirthday to Cassandra. We then played some wonderland games. First we played spoons with over sized jumbo playing cards and kitchen spoons, it was hilarious and I won!! Cassandra had a prize for people who won games so I won a dream journal and some cotton candy! Then we played pass the tea pot. Everyone was given a tea pot and we passed them all which ways according to what the white queen told us, periodically we would put them all in the middle and have to pick a new one. Then when the queen gave the signal and we all looked inside our tea pots, Laura had the drunken door mouse in her pot so she won the prize! Then we spent the rest of the night playing Alice in Wonderland themed Things (the game), that made for some pretty hilarious answers! It certainly was a very merry unbirthday!!


  1. Kate, this is absolutely DARLING!!!! Teach me your ways, oh crafty one!

  2. Your life is amazing!!!!! Seriously...every post you do, I am jealous of your fun life! I want to be involved.

  3. Holy Moly.... What in the world!? This is so intense and lovely. Looks fun.