Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here it is, our adventurous day at Disneyland. I thought this picture was an awesome way to kick off this post because this trip was a graduation gift and we were so excited when we found that hat! Bethy's hat also suits her quite well becuase of that mad tea party she threw. So we had a wonderful day at Disneyland, it was blissful weather and all the perfectly manicured gardens were bursting with spring blossoms, which made it seem even more magical, if that is possible. We were welcomed on main street by some very entertaining street performers on Main Street and we found a shop that sold special mad tea party blended tea, I have now become obsessed with Alice In Wonderland because of Cassandra's awesome unbirthday party (click the link to see pictures from it) as you will see throughout this post.

Fantasy Land, still very magical and enchanting even for us mature college grads. We made sure to do Peter Pan's Flight first because it was closed last time we were there thus we didn't get to ride it. Then we twirled around in the mad tea cups and jumped aboard a caterpillar and went through the Alice In Wonderland ride. I took pictures of the tea party, again because of our own mad tea party, as well as the card guards because that was my assigned costume, the Ace of Hearts, and I made it look good! With a little help from Bethy of course. Then we took a flight on Dumbo the flying elephant, such a fun ride, but I would say it is waaaay too short.

Then we took a break for lunch at the one and only Blue Bayou! While we were in line at the rental car place when we landed in LA they had the cooking channel playing, and they happened to be making Monte Cristos, we both exchanged looks which showed we were thinking the exact same thing, "that looks REALLY good," Then we thought, "Hey the blue bayou is famous for their Monte Cristos, and we are going to be there tomorrow!" Thus we made a reservation and savored every bite of our delectable Monte Cristo sandwiches while enjoying the most enchanting atmosphere.

Tomorrow Land, home of my favorite ride (in the speed/thrill category) Space Mountain, its just the best I love the whole idea of flying through space, while thinking of a cool and unique thing to do in the picture they take of you. I went with the WOW this time, while Bethy didn't know where the camera was and so she says she thinks she looks like Micheal Jackson, I thought that was funny. Then we decided to finally have the Star Wars picture experience, and boy am I so glad that we did! Look at the awesomness. Then we made sure to see the Captain Eo Tribute showing, I don't think I had ever seen it before and boy what a treat it was to see it, pure 80's amazingness, Micheal Jackson sure is one of a kind.

One of my all time favorite things in Disneyland, makes me chuckle every time I see it.

California Adventure at night is so amazing, Tower of Terror is one of my top three favorite rides (again in the speed/thrill category) I get so scared every single time I ride it. We made sure to get churros, I can't go to Disneyland and not get a churro, that would be so wrong and messed up, and of course we took on the Toy Story challenge, Bethy totally beat me, I need some practice on the best form to have on that ride. Then we enjoyed the electrical parade, I had never seen it before, so it was fun to see something new. It was impressive, Disney sure knows how to go all out. Then after the parade we turned around and there were the fireworks coming from Disneyland! Gosh that place is magical every single minute of every single day.

After California adventure closed we went back over to Disneyland with 3 hours left till midnight, just like in Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight its time to turn off all the magical Disney dreams and return to the real world. We rode it's a small world, thunder mountain, Indiana Jones and would have ridden splash mountain but we couldn't find it, and I didn't push it too much because I am still grumpy about getting soaked last time and being in freezing cold wet jeans all the way home. On our way out of the park at 11:59 we chased down Micky and Minnie who were trying to run away and got our picture with them!! It was a good way to end our amazing and magical day at Disneyland, I already want to go back!

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