Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Graduation to Me!

For a graduation present I got to go to California with my sister Bethy for a wonderful relaxing weekend!!! it was amazing and I loved every second of it! We flew into LAX where the lady at the car rental place thought bethy was hilarious so she hooked us up with a cute little silver mazda 3 and threw in a GPS for free, Thank goodness!!! It came in handy many times. On our way to the hotel we stopped to have lunch at the Corner Bakery, I had never been to that restaurant before and was excited to try it! We stayed at the lovely Terranea Resort which is a blissful paradise right on the ocean bluffs. Our room had a cute patio that overlooked some of the beautiful grounds. Here are some pictures to show how nice this place is:

This is the little cafe that was in our hotel called Seabeans, this is where we would eat breakfast every morning and get yummy treats at night.

After we got all settled in our luxurious room it was time for dinner. We decided to try Nelsons, one of the three restaurants located in our hotel, it looks right over the ocean and has a perfect view for when the sun sets, and serves gourmet comfort food, what more could you ever want? We walked there from our room and enjoyed the beautiful gardens and grounds that were bathed in the golden sunlight of a setting sun.

We ordered virgin mojitos at every meal, they are just so refreshing!

We decided to walk back to our room even though we were offered a golf cart ride back, but that way we got to see all the grounds lit up at night and we stopped to enjoy one of the numerous fire pits they have throughout their property. When we got back to our room we watched the movie Leap Year and painted our nails, it was a perfect evening.

The next day we went to Disneyland, but I felt that deserved it's own post which will be up shortly. But the next day we went to the spa, which is exactly what we needed after all the exciting park hopping we did in Disneyland for 12 hours. This spa was amazing, granted I have never been to a spa before, but I think this was the place to experience a spa for the first time. When we arrived we both got warm fuzzy robes to wear and then were escorted to the relaxation lounge to wait for our full body massages, it has always been a life goal of mine to experience a body massage so I was excited to check that off the list, it felt amazing. After our massages we were lead into the upstairs relaxation lounge that had a warm fire burning and a balcony open to the ocean so we could hear the rolling waves. We had access to the entire spa for the whole day, so we enjoyed the gorgeous spa swimming pool, the three hot tubes, the warm showers, the steam room, the sauna, the cucumbers for your eyes and all the lotions, shampoos and conditioners we could handle, it was such a relaxing day. The absolutely perfect way to unwind after 18 years of school.

Tonight we dined at Catalina Kitchen. It is a beautiful restaurant with very delicious food, I was in the mood for a burger so that's what I got, but it was no ordinary burger it had some uniqueness to it that I can't really put my finger on, but it was good and Bethy got a yummy flat bread. After dinner we went to Seabeans and got gelato and a little cupcake to share. On our way back to the room they had a live jazz singer and band, so we stopped to enjoy, I love jazz music, it makes me feel classy. Tonight we watched the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus, the last movie heath ledger was in before he died. It was a very intriguing and thought provoking film I really liked it, also Johnny Depp was in it, and I really love Johnny Depp.

The next day we were sad to check out and bid farewell to the wonderful Terranea, but I have a feeling we'll be back. We still had all afternoon until our flight so we took a walk on a path that goes around our hotel right next to the bluffs. We found this amazing field of yellow flowers and couldn't think of any good reason not to have a photo shoot in it, so we did, It was just too stunning to pass up.

We saw dolphins!!!! I love seeing dolphins.

Our walk led us back to the hotel where we stopped to have lunch at The Grill, here we decided to switch things up a bit and order RASPBERRY mojitos, best decision ever made, they were delicious! Then we walked back up the path to our car but first we stopped off by a cute little lighthouse, lighthouses are another thing that I love, I attribute that love of lighthouses to the trip my family took to Oregon where our first hotel was in fact a real life lighthouse.

Best graduation present I EVER could of asked for!!!! Thanks mom and dad you are THE BEST!!!

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