Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State Fair Fun in 2010

I was super excited about going to the state fair this year and counted down the days until it came to town and of course it didn't disappoint! We had a total blast! I got all these pics from my sister Bethy since I was sneaky and didn't bring my camera cause I knew she was going to take super cool ones and I knew I was going to want all the ones she took anyway haha But after looking at how cool these pictures are I know you won't blame me!

We all got ride bracelets which gave us UNLIMITED use of all the rides! WOo!! We began with the super spinny one that pins you against the wall, I can't remember the name of it but it is always quite the experience, then we went on a rocket ride that brings you up high then drops you, always a classic, then we willingly got strapped into the sketchiest looking little catches and rode the Zipper, that one is one of my favorites, then we rode the pirate boat that rocks back and forth, we even got the coveted back row! Then we decided that was enough rides for a while, you can only handle so many of those fun filled fair rides ...

On our way to the Zipper we saw a tent that had lemurs in it, and of course Bethy and I had to go in, the boys didn't ask any questions, they know that's what we do, play with any furry animal available. They were absolutely adorable!! and so soft!

These three were babies and they were too cute for words. They were always cuddled together and usually were hugging each other, I wanted to steal one so bad! There was only one that was holdable and the sweet little thing was so tired she kept wrapping her tail around her body and balling up but we got her to pose beautifully for a cute picture, I'm pretty sure I heard the owner call her shmegal, I sure hope that wasn't her name... haha

After a crazy time riding the rides we had the full fair experience and got hot dogs and pizza, then went to see all the cool animals that were brought to the fair. First stop was the sheep and they were massive! Most of them were the size of little ponies and came up to like my shoulder!

They had just been sheered, so some of them were wearing this silly looking little covers, we decided it made them look like ewoks that inhabit the moon of Endor.

Goats were next, they were all a little silly. We really really wanted to play with the pygmy goats because they are oh so so cute! But they had just been fed and didn't want anything to do with anything that wasn't food, they were still funny to watch though. This goat really wanted to eat my cup

When we got to the pigeon house we were a little disappointed that most of the pigeons had been put away already, were really excited to see all the crazy species that were shown this year. We did notice that even though all the pigeons were gone there was still a large crowd of people gathered around some cages which made us a little curious ...

When we got closer we were like, is that ....

And yes, it was, President Monson himself having a chat about raising pigeons with a gentlemen over a row of cages. He is so awesome!!! We waited in the small crowd that had gathered around him but he was very into his conversation and then he got on his golf cart and was driven away. It was a neat experience just to be near him and to see him at a place like the state fair, just enjoying the simple things in life. Seriously what an amazing man he is.

Bunnies were the next stop and by FAR my most favorite, I mean how could you look at these little guys and not be happy, they are sooooooo adorable!

This rabbit was the softest thing I have ever felt in my entire life, it was almost like I wasn't petting anything at all! I almost stole him, out of all the animals I wanted to take home with me he would have been the easiest to take ... haha

After animal time it was Farris wheel time! We got some great views of the entire fair all lit up!

After the wheel we went hang gliding! Well we went on a ride that was like hang gliding, it was a total blast one of my favorites of the night for sure

Then we had to fit in one more ride, more for traditions sake then anything else. They only thing I remember about the fair as a child, the one time we went to the fair as a family when we were all little kids, was the slide with the burlap sacks. Unfortunately the big yellow one was closed for the night so we went on the little one, it did make for cuter pics though.

Look at these, are they not fantastic. Bethy creates magic with her camera.

The last thing we needed to do to make our fair experience complete was get caramel apples. Bethy decided to get a candy apple since we discovered that we had never actually experienced one before. When I went to buy my caramel apple I didn't have any cash and all the ATM machines had been turned off for the night, so the sweet girl at the food stand said that I could just have it for free, I love people that are so nice like that, definitely made my night.

Such a blast! I love having fun and going to exciting things! The state fair gave us a wonderful night of fun! Can't wait till next year!


  1. WOW Kitch, you guys look like your having more fun than now than you probably were as kids! Beth did a fantastic on those pictures, it makes me SUPER sad I didn't even know about it to go myself!! I WISH I could have been there to see those bunnies...I love bunnies!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! It makes me want to go to the state fair. Cool that you got to see Pres. Monson. I love all the pictures with the lights at night.