Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Very Brite Birthday

In April all the Johns girls combined their creative forces and threw Nora and Evie a very magical birthday. Nora said she wanted a Rainbow Brite themed birthday since she has been watching a lot of that recently. We were all very excited about the chosen theme because that is what we all watched when we were little girls. Bethy was the mastermind behind the decorations as usual. She incorporated as much color into everything as she could, which made everything look awesome! She made a canopy of streamers over the dinner table and lots of tissue puff balls for the centerpiece, she also had fun and colorful candy jars, ribbons and pinatas to create a vibrant and festive party atmosphere. I was in charge of making the rainbow road, mom had a bunch of colored paper that we cut up and taped to the floor, it looked exactly like the one rainbow brite and starlite ride one in the show.

We had everything ready and everyone waiting in the party room when the little birthday girls arrived. Nora got to wear a special rainbow brite costume and Evie was the white sprite, which is the most important one. They were completely overwhelmed when they entered the room and saw everything and everyone which made for a funny reaction. Later when they warmed up a little bit they were so excited about the rainbow road and everything else that looked so beautiful!

Mom and Karin were the masterminds behind the food. They made gorgeous rainbow fruit platters, one was in the shape of an actual rainbow and the white fruit dip was patterned after a cloud. Everything else was arranged in colorful patterns.

After dinner Bethy gave the little girls make overs, they absolutely love putting on make up. She even found stick on stars so we could all look just like little rainbow brite. I love these pictures of Nora, she totally loves being a model and she really looks like she could be in a kids clothing catalog or something, she is such a fun little girl! So is Evie but she is kinda hard to capture on film, or memory card ....

Jenny's aweseome contribution, besides being the mother of the birthday girls, was to make a starlight cake. Man she did an amazing job! The cake looked just like the horse! Nora and Evie loved it! And everyone was astounded by her cake making skills.

We found a cool rainbow cake recipe online that we also wanted to try in addition to the cool starlight cake so Bethy and I made three layers each and combined them to make a magical rainbow cake that turned out so neat!

Nora la la loves taking pictures and often borrows Jenny's camera to take pictures of her little world. She knows how to take some really flattering pictures of people from her low perspective ... so for her birthday I got her a princess camera, sadly it doesn't really take pictures but you get the fun feeling and when you click the button you have all the princesses tell you special things. After presents we had fun attacking rainbow pinatas for yummy candy, Karin's boys got it open with two hard hits everyone was thrilled with the candy! It was a very very fun and magical evening!


  1. poor little Evie and her shiner.

  2. probably the best birthday party idea ever!!!! I might just have to throw a party like that myself one year... I've decided to celebrate quarter century years so... mark your calendar for next year...

  3. I am dying to find out where you found her Rainbow Brite costume!!