Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vegas: 24

This was Lisa's golden year, she turned 24 on the 24th of September so we celebrated by spending 24 hours in Vegas! Needless to say we had a total blast! We got to our hotel, The Stratosphere, around 9 pm on Friday and instantly headed up to the tower to experience the rides. I will be honest I was totally freaked out, they looked intense and as it turns out, they are as scary as they look. We did the claw first, it was by far the coolest and gave you excellent views of the Vegas night lights as it hangs you over the edge and spins you around and around forever

This was my attempt at getting documentation of us on the rides, they are very strict about not taking pictures of their pictures, but I still tried to be sneaky ...

The next ride was the screamer, accurately named, I have never wished for a ride to be over like I wished for this experience to be over. It's a teeter totter that plunges you right off the edge of the tower into the city lights below, f r e a k y! If you look really close in the last two pics of this ride you can see the car of people going off the edge.

This is the view you see as you go up yet another level, which I didn't think was possible, to go off the blaster tower. I totally think it looks like the shot that opens every episode of CSI, I must admit I did keep my eyes out for Nick Stokes in case he was solving a case somewhere near the strip. I am very sad to report I didn't find him. I also had to admit that I was too emotionally drained from working up the courage to go on the other rides that I sat this one out, but I am planning on going on it in October when I go back to Vegas for the Ragnar race.

When we got back to our room we had a pizza party! My slr camera was running very low so we used my camera phone for some of the pictures, some are better then others ....

We were tired from our drive and riding on rides ...

The next morning we spent a few blissful hours at the Stratosphere pool. It was a perfect sunny day and the pool was sooo cool yet so refreshing after laying out in the hot sun, it was very very relaxing.

After the pool we got ready in the lobby bathroom since we had already checked out of our rooms and were a little bit homeless, haha I thought it was funny. Then we went to find some lunch on the main drag. We decided on the new Serendipity! I have been wanting to go there since it opened, I have been to the one in New York and it is so fun and cute and yummy!

Becky got the Vanilla Chilla which was SO GOOD!

Lisa and I got the classic Frrroooozzzen Hot Chocolate that made their restaurant famous, it, of course, was fabulous.

My sandwich and sweet potato fries were divine!

We got to see a couple of the Bellagio's fountain shows, I am always fascinated by those shows, its amazing what they do! We spent a little while at the H & M in the miracle mile mall, I found some good finds for fall! I can NOT wait to wear them!

After being sorely disappointed by just barely missing seeing the baby white tigers at the Mirage we headed over to Treasure Island to watch the Pirate Show, well now its the Song of the Siren's show, but I liked the old pirate show better.

After the show it was 9 pm, we were exhausted, and still had to drive to cedar! So walked back to the Bellagio, where we had parked our car. Before saying goodbye to the big city of sin we took a look at the conservatory gardens, my favorite part of the strip, along with the Chihuly ceiling that never ever ceases to amaze me! The gardens of course didn't disappoint, they were all decked out in their autumn time glory! And looked very Tim Burtonish.

Happy Happy Birthday Lisa!! It sure was a blast! I am glad I have been able to help you celebrate so many birthdays! I love having my preschool friend as a college roommate! We have so many wonderful memories that span over many years! Your the best!


  1. Kate!! U and Lisa are still SOOO Cute!! It looks like a BLAST!!!

  2. Sad I missed out :( Love you girls!

  3. so cool. The gardens look like a scene straight out of Nightmare before christmas..... a movie you and I need to watch together some time soon. I love getting excited about holidays with you.