Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sam And His Sock Monkeys

Sammy turned one this year! We of course had to help him celebrate in fashion. Jenny threw him a very cute sock monkey themed birthday party. Bethy had the most adorable photo shoot with him before hand so that all the pictures could be displayed at the party, here are some of my favorites ...

The party was so fun! Sock monkeys are such a cute theme, all the decorations were so cute. jenny did a fabulous job on his cake, she made her own fondant and everything. (All of the pictures in this post are curtesy of Bethany Madison.)

Bethy crocheted THE CUTEST sock monkey hats for each of the griffin kids, they turned out so well! The kids look too cute in them.

We were all curious to see how Sam would react to the smash cake, all the other grand kids were pretty timid. But sammy did a great job, he just got right in there and enjoyed the oppurtunity to eat all the cake and frosting he wanted without being stopped.

Nora was so cute and made all of these drawings for sam as his birthday present, she was so excited to give it to him, she made sure it was the first present opened.

I found these slippers at Target and I just couldn't pass them up, they fit the theme all too well. So I gave them to Jens as a thank you for being such a fun mom and inviting us to the best birthday bashes.

The kids always get a little silly towards the end of a fun filled party

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  1. Super cute party! I would have never guessed you could do so much with a sock monkey theme. I love Jenny's shoes and the kids' hats.