Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

A couple of weeks ago Nick went to a Bee's game with one of his buddys, they entered a pie eating contest and Nick totally won and got two tickets to the home run derby AND the all star game! Lucky me got one of the sets of tickets and they were seriously so so much fun! The home run derby was first and was my favorite, it was so much fun! I included a picture of the rules so that I wouldn't have to explain it haha.

The Jazz Bear came and would pitch basketballs to one of the batters and he would hit them into the crowd, I thought that was hilarious.

I just love the atmosphere at baseball games

It was raining when we got there but thankfully cleared up for the derby but it left behind the most spectacular clouds

My favorite part of the home run derby was the general admission section, that is the best place to be at a home run derby becuase you get to catch all of the home runs they hit. The section was packed and everyone had brough their gloves along to help catch all the home runs, we walked over to that part of the stadium for the final round and boy its an exciting place to be!

This high schooler from Spanish Fork was amazing. He made it to the final round and ended up taking second place but he sure had some power behind his swings. He technically hit the most home runs and ended the second round with 13 hits, unfortunately they start over in the final round so he hit one less in the final round then the winner, but I'm sure he got noticed by some important people.

Two days later we were back at Spring Mobile Park to see the All Star Game. At the front of the stadium they had the sweetest jazz band playing jazzed up versions of Lady Gaga songs, it was pretty awesome I am hoping to put a video of them up soon

The players doing the wave

Got this sweet necklace for free

Again, the clouds were breath taking

After the game they had a random magic show which was acutally really cool, I honestly have no idea how they did what they did. Then they had a fantastic firework show, the largest one they have ever done in that stadium. It was wonderful! It was awesome being so close to such huge fireworks! Both of these outtings were fabulous, I had such a fun time! Thanks Nick!!! I greatly enjoyed the rewards of your epic pie eating skills.


  1. These sounded like so much fun! Way to go Nicky for winning tickets to the best games events of the season.

  2. kate you look great in the bee's jersey!