Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joy Ride

After sampling all the fudge and eating that chocolate covered cookie dough ball I was ready to do some exercise!  My dad and I rented a couple of bikes and biked around the island, it was only about 8 miles total.  It was the most beautiful ride, we had the lake on one side and gorgeous forests on our other side, for the entire 8 miles.  As you can tell by our layers and gloves, it was pretty chilly out, but it actually made for a refreshing ride.

We stopped to take some pictures of Arch Rock from the bottom.

The map of the route we rode

The last quarter mile takes you through the little town, I took a couple pictures of some buildings I thought were too cute to just pass by.  The library was my favorite, what an awesome color for a building.

After our glorious little bike ride, we returned the bikes and went back to the hotel.  By now I needed some sort of real lunch to hold me over till dinner.  So I got a hot chocolate and a chocolate chip muffin and enjoyed them while sitting on the front porch in one of their wonderful rocking chairs.  Another one of my favorite moments in time.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner.  I got yelled at our first night for taking pictures in the dinning room but I wanted a picture of me at dinner, so I snuck this phone pic ..

After dinner I got all cozied up in my PJ's then headed over to my parents room for a movie night.  What better movie to watch while staying at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island then the one and only Somewhere in Time.  It was a total blast watching that movie while being in the exact hotel it was filmed in!!  What a fun ending to a perfect day!

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  1. what a perfect picture on the computer! You caught just the right moment in "Time"!
    Love the pictures of you out biking with your rosy cheeks and windblown hair...you look happy.

    wasn't that food fantastic?! I'm glad you got pictures of it. They seemed to loosen up on the photo rule...maybe if you just took your own table and not pictures of the large room which might have others not in your party in it? Hard to figure our their rules.