Friday, October 12, 2012

Come Kiss the Sky

Here are a couple of pictures of our awesome hotel.  The location was perfect, and the complimentary breakfasts were great! 
Such a beautiful building

Tonight we didn't have anything special planned for dinner and just found somewhere that was within walking distance of our hotel.  Turns out, it was such a fun, charming little place full of history!  We were told that Al Capone used to dine there and had a usual booth that they would drape off whenever he came to eat... pretty special!

I got a meatball sandwich and tiramisu for dessert.  It was a delicious meal, I am so glad we stumbled upon such a gem of a restaurant!

Then we took a taxi down to the John Hancock Observatory to get more breath taking views of the city.  It was fun to go to one observatory at night and see all the pretty lights and another during the day to see all the beaches and buildings.  We got there right at sunset, so all the buildings were lit up in that one of a kind golden light!

I love how the buildings cast shadows over the water

The north shore

Then we walked over to the Broadway Playhouse to see I Love Lucy, Live on Stage!  We had gotten tickets for Sister Act, but found out it was actually for a date in November.  Since we couldn't get a refund for them my parents gave them to the nice bell boy that had helped us with our luggage when we checked in.  He was unbelievably grateful and told us he would do his best to use his connections in the theater district to try and get us tickets to anything while we were there.  He managed to get us tickets to I Love Lucy which turned out to be so much fun!

The actors that played the famous foursome Lucy, Ricardo, Ethel, and Fred sounded and acted EXACTLY like the real actors.  It was amazing how much they seemed like the original characters!  It was a hilarious show and so much fun!
And that concludes our fun adventure in the windy city!  We had four, fabulous, fun filled days and I am already dying to go back!  After the show, we went back to the hotel and packed up our things and get ready to fly out to Michigan for a 7 day tour the next day.  Just because we were leaving Chicago doesn't mean our trip was over! So yes, get excited for many more trip posts coming your way!

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