Friday, October 5, 2012

Pizza and City Lights

Day 1 of our Chicago adventure still isn't over!  After the architecture tour and Navy Pier, we were pretty excited to fill ourselves up with some famous Chicago style deep dish pizza.  Above is the view we had while we walked from our hotel to the famous Giordano's, pretty amazing!  The sunset was beautiful!

I had so many people tell me before I left and while I was in Chicago, that I had to have Giordano's pizza while I was in there, apparently it is the best pizza in town.  So, we pretty much didn't have a choice, we just had to get ourselves some Giordano's pizza!

I loved all the classic art that lined the walls

We decided to get two different kinds to try.  We got a Hawaiian and a veggie, both over flowing with oozing cheese and fillings.  As you can imagine, we weren't disappointed.  The pizza was absolutely delicious and everything I ever hoped it would be!  I loved enjoying some Chicago style pizza in the city that it is named after, it's one of those memories you love to cherish.

I love me some super thick crust!
After dinner we  a.) were stuffed beyond belief with delicious pizza and b.) decided to fit in one last activity before calling it a day.  My dad had purchased us all city passes before we came on our trip.  Our passes got us into 5 different attractions around the city, and we were determined to use them all up. The Sky deck was one of the attractions in our city passes, and is a definite must see when visiting Chicago.  Going at night was a fun experience!

The elevator shoots you up 103 floors in 60 seconds!  You can definitely feel the pressure as you fly skyward.
The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the 8th tallest building in the world, it is made up of 110 floors.  The observation decks are on the 103rd floor, pretty far from ground level...

The city lights were A M A Z I N G!

We accepted the famous Dare to Stand Out challenge and stood in their glass observation decks that allowed us to step 4 feet away from the solid ground of the building and view the city as if we were floating above it.  Pretty neat experience!  And since we got up to the top 30 minutes before closing, it wasn't over crowded so we had fabulous, unobstructed views of the entire city.

My mom was there too!  We just couldn't find her when we were in the glass decks, so I couldn't get any pictures of her, but she was there!

This is a random picture.  BUT, on our walk home from the Sky Deck we passed by the famous Rookery building that has a gorgeous interior.  My mom had been inside before and really wanted to show me how beautiful it was.  We were surprised it was still open at that hour, so we headed in and discovered that it was rented out for a wedding (lucky bride!  this would be a gorgeous place to have a wedding!) so we couldn't see anything but the lobby.  But seriously, how beautiful is that!  I just had to include it even though it is super random since I don't have any other photos of it.  Just a little insight into the amazing architecture of Chicago's great buildings.  We didn't get to do the interiors architecture tour which would have been pretty spectacular.  I'll just have to put in on the list for next time I visit this great city!

Finally, I have covered the events of our first full day in Chicago.  It only took three, picture filled posts to cover it all!  What a spectacular day!  2 days documented, 9 more to go! be excited for more pictures from Chicago and Michigan coming your way!

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  1. Craig's comment on your Chicago night shots, "WOW, look at that!!" It was fantastic! You did a good job of portraying how scary it is to stand on that plastic ledge 103 stories up!