Friday, November 16, 2012

Fallagrams Part II

Another whole post of glorious fall activities!  As it got closer to Halloween, my fall activities started to take on a Halloween theme.  I love celebrating an entire SEASON of a holiday, and not just the one day that the holiday falls on.  One weekend I baked some delicious gluten free cupcakes and bought some adorable, irresistible cupcake decorating items at the one and only target and brought them up to my parents house to decorate Halloween cupcakes with my nieces and nephew.  I thought they turned out so great!  It's fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Another Saturday, Angie and I had the quinesstenail autumn afternoon.  We began the day by going pumpkin patchin, then we picked up a couple caramel apple ciders from Starbucks.  Then we headed back to Angie's house and took the long way up the canyon to look at all the beautiful fall leaves. For dinner, we had the most delicious home made roasted butternut squash soup that we enjoyed while watching the original Frankenweenie.  Then to end the day on a sweet note, we made pumpkin spice donuts in Angie's donut maker.  They were such a perfect fall day treat!

My mom's decorations are the best for every holiday!  She had transformed her dinning room into a Halloween wonderland!

One afternoon I did a photo shoot for Crio Bru at Decadence Cafe.  It was so fun to have an afternoon with friends and yummy treats!  My favorite drink at Decadence is the Coco Loco frap, it is to die for!

I walk through the Hidden Falls garden every morning on my way to work.  Some mornings it is just so beautiful I have to stop and take a picture.  Below is an example of one glorious morning where I happened to hit the sunrise just right, it honestly looked like a fairytale land.  I couldn't believe that those flowers had lasted that long with the chilly fall weather!
Another fall leave picture from the Hidden Falls garden

Inside, my work place was pretty festive for Halloween.  It is definitely a bonus working above a retail decor store, they make the office so fun and festive for every holiday.

During her school fall break, Bethy and Reece went to Vegas for a week long getaway so I got the pleasure of kitten sitting this adorable little girl while they were gone.  It was so fun to have a cuddly kitten to play with anytime I wanted!  Louis quickly became obsessed with her. I slowly introduced them to each other over a matter of days and they are now best friends.  For now, she is back living at Bethy's house and Louis misses her terribly, so we arrange play dates for the two of them to get together for some play time
When Bethy came back from her trip, we couldn't resist dressing the kitten up ...

I have the best friends.  I received this adorable Halloween, cream filled donut on my door step one October evening after I had had a very depressing day.  I hadn't even talked to my much loved friend that day, so she had no idea what I had been going through.  She was just dropping off a little reminder that she was thinking of and loved all her friends.  I am so so happy that I moved up to Lehi!

This year I finally made it to Lagoon's Frightmares.  I have never been and have always been curious of what it entails.  I have to give lagoon props, it was much more decorated then I thought it would be!  That was a fun and festive surprise!

The person I went with wanted to dress up a little bit, but not too much.  So I went as boo boo bear and he went as redfoo from LMFAO.  We got there pretty close to when it opened and we got to walk on pretty much any ride we wanted.  The lines never got super long, which was nice!  So we got to ride all the big fun rides all before the Halloween attractions opened in the evening.

We left the park to get something yummy for lunch instead of settling for something over priced and gross in the park haha. We tried this wood fire smoke place. It was delicious, just look at the layers in that burger!
After lunch we headed back to Lagoon for the Halloween festivities.  They have quite a few different themed haunted houses that you can go through.  They have a circus themed one, a jail themed one etc and they have people dressed to match the theme of the haunted house outside to walk around and scare the line.  We just hit their main, scariest house, The Night Walk. As far as haunted houses go, it was pretty good.  My favorite part of the whole frightmares experience was watching the people in costume wander around the park and seeing all the different reactions they would get from their unsuspecting victims.

My birthday happens to fall during the best month of the whole year, October!  My mom always orders the cutest Halloween themed cakes for my family birthday dinners.

Bethy made me this adorable pug tote bag for my birthday present.  Isn't he adorable!?!

These flowers were waiting for me on my door step one evening when I came home from work.  They were a birthday present from my TFF!  How perfect are they!  I loved coming home to them!
Book club was held on the night before Halloween, our scary read for this October was the Picture of Dorian Gray.  It is a perfect Halloween read, it's creepy but it's not creepy to the point of giving you nightmares after reading it at night.  Bethy and Kelly did a wonderful job decorating, Bethy even set up a fun photo booth were we all could take our turn at having a creepy portrait taken of us, just like Dorian.
I signed up to bring a pumpkin dessert.  I brought pumpkin whoopie pies!
I still think Halloween should be the kind of holiday that we get work and school off for, but since it's not I had to go to work on Halloween day.  I'm not the biggest fan of dressing up in costumes, so I definitely wasn't going to show up to work in a costume but I still wanted to wear something to celebrate the holiday, in a professional looking sort of way.  So this is the outfit I came up with to quietly celebrate Halloween while I worked in the office.
After work, Louis and I handed out candy to all the neighborhood trick or treaters for a couple of hours.  We had a ton!! I was surprised, but happy!  I ended up running out of candy right as I was about to leave to head over to bethys, I had that many people stop by!  When I got to Bethy's the Terburgs were there all dressed up and looking so cute.  They were all different characters from the movie Despicable me, I was so glad I got to see them before they moved on down the neighborhood. Then Beth and I headed up to Kelly's to get some of her "adult treats."  She made the most delicious caramel apple cider and pumpkin pasties to pass out to the parents of all the trick or treaters, how cute is she!  Then we went back to Bethy's house to have chili in bread bowls, caramel apples, red velvet cupcakes and butter beer all while we watched Halloween movies.  That is the definition of a perfect Hallows Eve in my book! 


  1. Aren't fabulous friends and family the best? Looks like you've had so much fun with Halloween!!

  2. Such a cute hat! Oh my gosh.. that kitty!!

  3. What festive fall fun! Those pumpkin whoopie pies look divine. I love pumpkin recipes! The boys liked seeing Lagoon at Halloween. That is one of their favorite places to go when we visit:)