Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Fall is by far my most favorite season, I look forward to it all year long.  This year I did everything I could to soak in this wonderful time of year.  It was such a fabulous year for fall colors and wonderful weather I just couldn't sit around and let it pass me by!  Here are a couple of posts of a few of things I did to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather, colors, tastes, smells, activities etc. I had been looking forward to doing all year long!

 First up, I took a drive up little cottonwood canyon to be surrounded by and to enjoy all the amazing, bright, bold, fall colors.  Seriously, this year was a stunning year for fall leaves!

I was blown away by these golden orange aspens!  I had never seen aspens with leaves that color, usually they are just a bright yellow!

I enjoyed many lunch breaks and cold autumn evenings curled up on my couch with some unique flavor of hot chocolate, I experimented with all sorts of ingredients like flavored creamers, vanilla and coconut extracts, cinnamon, nutmeg and of course lot of marshmallows, cuddled up in my favorite chunky knit blanket watching movies with my favorite chubby kitten.

I got just a few fall decorations to celebrate the season
So chubby, fluffy and content

We are a couple of pretty cool cats

My work place was all decked out in it's finest autumn decor the minute there was a slight chill in the air

One weekend, all the girls escaped to Park City to enjoy all the comforts of fall together and to celebrate Angie for her birthday!  It was the perfect autumn weekend getaway

We made the most delicious s'mores in the fire place of our amazing condo

We had plenty of treats to munch on and lots of unique and gourmet ingredients to create our delicious s'more masterpieces

And yes, we did have a hot tub in the middle of our living room.  And yes, we did thoroughly enjoy using it.
On that Sunday, we went to the Stein Erickson Lodge to enjoy their amazing Sunday brunch buffet.  As you can tell by our numerous plates it was huge!  With all sorts of different kinds of savory and sweet delights. 

After we were stuffed beyond belief with all that glorious, gourmet food, we needed some time to relax and digest.  So we headed out to the balcony that was bathed in warm sunlight and surrounded by the most astonishing fall leaf display, to look for a place to put our feet up.  Lucky for us we found some soft, padded recliners we could stretch out on and enjoy the warm, autumn sun.  It was such a perfect afternoon, one that I will cherish for years to come.

I also went pumpkin patchin' a couple of times this year.  Last year was the first time I had ever been to a pumpkin patch and I loved it so much that I really wanted to make it a fall tradition, it's the perfect autumn activity!  This year, I went to the Mabey Farms pumpkin patch and it was the best!  They have soooo many different kinds of pumpkins ranging in colors from green, to white, to red, to orange, to striped and have any size that you may be looking for.  Plus, they are the nicest family, I went once with my sister Bethy and then took Angie back a couple of weeks later and the whole family remembered me and welcomed me back!  Such a great pumpkin patch experience, I highly recommend them!

After we had picked out the most perfect pumpkins for our harvest decor, we went to Barnes and Nobel to be enveloped in the smell of new books and to get a couple of warm pumpkins chais.  Bethy pulled some fun Halloween kids books for us to look through while we sipped our delicious warm goodness.
And this is how they look on my porch with my fall leaf wreath

And here is another picture of my porch with my autumn wreath in the background.  I love love love having my own porch and not being surrounded by hundred of other apartments like my porches were down in Provo.  Another thing I love about fall is wearing jackets and scarves and boots and sweaters and all the comfy cozy things that keep us warm.  That is another attempt at making this picture relevant, I got the most amazing coat for my birthday and I want to wear it all the time and it is featured in this picture


  1. Fabulous Fall pictures, they are pro! I am glad you soaked up the beauty of the season, and are ready for the beauty of the next season.

  2. I am jealous of all that gorgeous fall foliage! Your pictures are breathtaking! Everyone could be framed!