Wednesday, November 7, 2012

State Fair 2012 (SBL # 30)

I look forward to the state fair every year!  It's filled with fun and giggles.  Here are some pictures from this year's experience!

We were both starving so we got a couple of funnel cakes for dinner.  They were so awesome looking and were really good for the first few bites, then we desperately needed something savory haha they were pretty sweet with all the fried cake, pudding, pie filling, whipped cream and powdered sugar haha.

Then we rode a couple of rides and Bethy taught me how to take some amazing HDR photos with our phones.

After the rides we headed over to see some of the animals.  The bird house is my favorite, there are so many fun and unique types of birds!

This ride was super fun to watch.  We didn't try it out for ourselves but we had a good time watching other people try it out!  We put it on the list for next year.


  1. fun post, the birds were incredible! The bubble ride looks like a whole new experience!

  2. So funny! I hadn't looked at your Fair post yet - but it definitely does look like we experienced the same things. Though I'll have to admit, I kind of wish we went at night now because your pictures are so awesome! Let's do the bubble ride next year.

  3. I love all the color, lights, and festivity you capture in your pictures. The fluffy white bird made me giggle:) My boys thought the bubble ride looked awesome