Tuesday, January 22, 2013

California Adventure

 We switched off between California Adventure and Disneyland during our magical week in the Californian sun.  Here is what we did during our visits to California Adventure:

One morning we had a character breakfast at the Paradise Pier hotel, it was Micky's surfs up beach party breakfast.  We got to walk through downtown Disney to get to the hotel and so we got to pass the lego store, I was blown away by how amazing their lego creations are that decorate the outside of their store.  So typical Disney, above and beyond your wildest dreams ...




 The buffet was A M A Z I N G.  Seriously, some of the best breakfast foods I have ever experienced.  There was a huge selection of all sorts of sweet treats and savory eats.  I rarely keep going back for more at buffets, but I may have gone back a couple of times to make sure I got at least a sample of all the wonderful things they were serving 
 Lucky Evie got these amazing gluten free Micky mouse pancakes and got to meet the head chef!

 Lucky us got to see stitch twice! 
I was so excited to see the new main entrance of California Adventure that has been under construction for years!  It is so fun and festive, I love it! Plus, it was all decked out for Christmas, which made it look even more classy!



 One afternoon we saw the super fun Aladdin show at the Hyperion.
 And one afternoon we had cotton candy for lunch, the girls were in heaven!
 Paradise Pier is my favorite part of California Adventure, it's just so whimsical and fun!



 I played with Nora, these are the scores we got!  I can't ever seem to get higher then a beaver! 

I loved the Christmas decorations around Aerial's ride.  The Disney crew did an excellent job at making it look like bubbles in the water!  They are just so creative over there at Disney!

 Cute little Sammy was the only one that would brave an intense ride on the Ferris wheel in a rocking compartment with me and Jenny





 I love this picture!  Evie and I soaring over the park on the swings! 

 The decorations in Bugs Land were super cute


 Cute Laura had given me a Disney gift card for my birthday right before I came on this trip, so I was super excited to use it to buy some goodies.  Here are a couple of things I got with that gift card, a chocolate covered pineapple wedge (my favorite!!) and a chocolate and caramel covered marshmallow mickey wand.  Major, major sugar rush.

The Griffins were awesome and made sure we fit in all the things that I really wanted to do or had never done before.  One of the things I had never done before was go to the totally mind blowing World of Color show, so they made sure to get the fast passes and to get in line way before the show, all to guarantee that we would be able to make it so I could finally experience this amazing show.

 I was blown away!!  It almost made me want to cry because it was that stunning, and creative, and huge and every positive thing you can think of.  This is worth experiencing, make it happen next time you are in California Adventure, you won't be disappointed.

The walk back to the hotel after the show was fun, we got to see all the fun and festive Christmas lights!

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  1. WoW!!! That world of color is quite the deal!! Great pictures of it. So fun to see the new stuff in Calif. Adv....cute pictures of the kids! What a fun little get-a-way!