Friday, January 25, 2013

Cars Land

 This trip was my first time experiencing Cars Land.  While I was excited to see it, I didn't have too high of expectations.  I mean I liked the movie Cars, I thought it was cute, but it isn't my all time favorite or anything, so I wasn't overcome with joy when I heard the new addition was going to be themed all around that movie.  However, Cars Land is totally awesome!! It totally exceeded all my expectations!  It is so fun and so cute and Radiator Racers is the funnest ride ever!  I totally felt like I had been transported out of Disneyland, out of California and into the beautiful red rocks of Radiator Springs, I had tons of fun!












I was so excited to finally try out the newest and most talked about ride of California Adventure!  Mike would go wait in the fast pass line first thing every time we were in California Adventure, they sell out of fast passes within about an hour, it's in high demand.  But Mike was able to get us all fast passes every time we tried, and boy it made a HUGE difference, the normal line looked like it lasted hours and hours!

 Cars Land at night is such a blast!!  We had dinner here a couple of times during the week.  I had been dying to try the delights at the Cozy Cone, lots of my friends had raved about them!

And here they are!  I got the cozy chili queso cone, which is made up of a cone made out of spiraled bread filled with warm, savory chili and topped with cheese and Fritos.  So so yummy!  I was also told about their apple slush drink they have at the Cozy Cone, that concoction is made up of apple slush, mixed with marshmallow cream (!!!!!) and topped with a whipped mango topping.  Oh my goodness it was so delightful, it was pretty much like drinking candy, and I loved every sip of it!

Just like everywhere else in the park, Cars Land's Christmas decorations multiplied every night.  Here are some little Christmas details they so cleverly came up with.  I love how all of their decorations incorporate car parts, so so creative!


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