Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrating Jenny's Birthday in Disney

The parks were fully decked out in their all their Christmas splendor by the last day of our little California get away and they looked marvelous!  I was so happy I got to see the Disneyland Christmas tree before I left!


 I spotted Jack and Sally!

 We spent some time in the morning at Innovations in Tomorrowland.  I have no memory of ever stepping inside Innovations, and since it is being torn down to make room for a new Iron Man ride in the near future, Mike thought it was necessary I experience it before it is gone forever.  I must say, it was pretty cool! I loved the house of the future!

 We stopped for lunch at the Village Hause.  I love eating there mainly because I love a good burger and fries!  I got this black forest cupcake and it was so amazingly good, I must say I was a little surprised.  I have to have a dessert with every meal, and this one definitely looked intriguing and it lived up to it's presentation!
The boys then went back to the hotel for nap time and us girls headed over to Tinker bells house to say hello and to her other fairy friend.  This was yet another Disney activity that I had never done before that the Griffins introduced me to.

Then we decided to take a relaxing ride on the train that runs around the park.

I love the super random dinosaur display in the middle of the train ride, and I don't think I have any good pictures of it, so I made sure to take a couple of this historic part of Disneyland
to have just in case anything ever happens to it

We were celebrating Jenny's birthday today!!! She got one of Disney's official birthday pins, and got warm birthday wishes from all the workers all day long!

Small World at Christmas is one of the most magical things ever!  Here are a couple pictures of how they transform it for the season...

Then it was time for Jenny's special birthday dinner!  Her favorite restaurant in Disneyland is the Blue Bayou, for obvious reasons, so that is where she chose to eat for her birthday! 

This is the dessert I got after dinner, it was a m a z i n g!!!!! It was pumpkin ice cream on top of a rich flourless cake, topped with a gingerbread wafer.  Now that's whats up

Jenny's favorite ride in the entire park is Small World so we had to go back to ride it one last time at night, when it is all lit up!  It really is quite the spectacular sight at night!

And because I honestly thought it was the coolest, most magical thing in the world, here are even more pictures from inside the ride.

I love main street at night no matter what season it is, but it is especially wonderful at Christmas.

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  1. wow! wonderful pictures! so fun to see Small World at Christmas...I am so happy you could be there to experience it!