Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding.. Shower

We are going to play catch up for a second and post some things that happened in the summer and fall.

In July I threw a bridal shower for my best friend Lisa.  Lisa and I went to preschool together and remained closed friends all through our school years, then were college room mates, we have been through an amazing amount of stuff together, I still can't believe she is married, it's exciting!  I had wanted to host an outdoor soirĂ©e on the west patio of my parent's house for years, so I decided to finally make it happen.  Granted it was probably a little too hot for an outdoor bridal shower .... however, I was determined.  It turned out so lovely.  My dad got their backyard fountain working so we were serenaded by the enchanting sound of it's bubbling pools, one of my favorite sounds.

There was the most GORGEOUS sunset that night, I couldn't believe what a perfect night it was for an outdoor get together.  I'm glad we were able to enjoy it so fully.

I know this is WAAAAY passed due, but...
Congratulations Lisa and Lance!

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  1. Lovely party, charming with the lights and all white theme. Food looked delicious and...the sunset!!!