Sunday, December 8, 2013

Summer Concert Series

This summer I went to some pretty fun concerts.
I love going to concerts, and I feel like it has 
been a while since I hit up the music scene.
So, I was excited to liven up my summer with some
great music from some talented performers.
Going to concerts of artists that you love
and music that you live
creates such intense feelings of excitement. 
I love being filled to the brim with those emotions as
I listen to the songs I know all the words to and can
sing my happy, little  heart out.

Concerts are wonderful.

First up:

Tim Mcgraw
June 14
USANA Amphitheater 

This was my first country concert,
I have suppressed my love of country music for years,
and now that I have fully embraced it,
 I'm mad at my younger self for not doing so earlier.
I adore country music, and very rarely listen to anything else now a days
This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Who better to attend Tim's concert 
with then his two biggest fans,
Alexis & Laura 
I have them to thank for my country education
They have taught me everything I know

Our tickets were in the GA pit
we wanted to be as close to that 
perfect country boy smile as possible
Worth.  It.

She & Him
with Tilly and the Wall
June 25
Red Butte Gardens Amphitheater 

Going to a concert at Red Butte Gardens
had been on my life bucket list for years.
I was ecstatic when Angie asked if I would like to go to the 
She & Him concert there.
I adore Zooey Deschanel
I find her to be incredibly talented in whatever she does

We had the most wonderful evening.
We brought a picnic dinner and plenty of blankets
We enjoyed the blissful summer evening air,
The music, the crowd, the good company, and plenty of laughs

Pictures weren't allowed in the venue 
so we secretly snuck a few 
but I can't overload you with endless concert pics 
like I did for Tim.
This concert was the birth place 
of one of our favorite inside jokes.
This picture was snapped when 
Angie was fixing her own hair for a photo
but it definitely looks like we are sharing a moment

We both walked away with some pretty awesome merch
I used to be all about owning a shirt from every band that 
I had seen in concert.  
I was constantly dropping by Hot Topic.
However, I haven't bought a concert related souvenir in years
but this was too cute to pass up.
and it's unisex, so you know it's crazy comfortable.
Angie got the shirt version of this pattern
so now we can look even more like 
(another favorite inside joke from a memorable trip to vegas)

Annie Get Your Gun
July 23
Sundance Outdoor Amphitheater 

No, Annie Get Your Gun is not a band.
And this was not a concert.
It was a play.  But it has plenty of music
and was held in an outdoor amphitheater 
and it was really fun and I wanted to blog about it 
so here it is.

Lisa invited me to come with her to the employee night
I was so excited.  I find Sundance enchanting.
So, seeing a play up there, in the gorgeous, outdoor surroundings
sounded like a lovely evening. 
We got dinner at the Tortilla Bar beforehand, that place is 
one of a kind and very delicious.

The play was spectacular
It was put on by the UVU theater department 
and they did a fabulous job
I want to be friends with the girl that played Annie
she was adorable

Empire of the Sun
Twilight Concert Series
August 29
September 5
Pioneer Park

I know I have said this for pretty much every event in this post but ...
I had been dying to go to the Twilight Concert Series for years
I just never made it up for one for whatever reason
But this year, I was determined.
And so was Bethy
So we made it happen, and it was worth it.
Before the concert I met up with Beth in her new, gorgeous apartment 
and we walked across main to get some empanadas at Bodega
That is a fun little place that I would like to go back to.
However, I hadn't eaten anything else that day so when we got to the park
I couldn't pass up the opportunity of trying a waffle sandwich
from one of the food trucks.

Empire of the Sun puts on
I can honestly say this was the second most visually
interesting concert I have ever attended. 
(Muse is number one)
The costumes, the dancers, the backgrounds
Everything, was so creative and elaborate 
I wish I had been closer in order to take it all in better 
and to get some better pictures of it all.

Bethy and I went back to the the concert series 
the following week to see MGMT.
It was fun and exciting.
We only know three of their songs
and we danced the night away during those three songs
But they are much lower key then EOTS and didn't really have.
any visuals so we didn't take any photos and we may have left early.

Luke Bryan 
With Florida Georgia Line & Thompson Square
September 20
USANA Amphitheater

To end my concert series right I went to see Luke Bryan. 
I am now completely and hopelessly in love with that Georgia boy.
I decided to attend this concert last minute, I didn't know much about
Luke when Laura first invited me.  So we got lawn seats.
I can't wait for him to come back so that I can get GA pit tickets 
so I can see his perfect, white smile and amazing dance moves up close.

It was one of the last warm summer evenings and
Laura, Sydney and I danced during the entire show.
We were all thrilled to be there.
I still live and breathe his music everyday.
Until next time Luke.

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  1. Oh guess it's time for another concert and that means you need to choose Tim, Justin, or both.