Monday, December 16, 2013

October 28, 2013

Birthdays are very important to me.
even though I am no longer a child, I still love to make 
a big deal out of peoples' special day
and try to celebrate them and make them feel loved and appreciated.
I also look forward to my own birthday every year.
Not that I love being center of attention or anything, because y'all
know I don't.  My birthday just always feels special
to me and I'm so incredibly grateful for the people
who make it special and wonderful every year.

This year it was spent with dear family and friends
and was low key, fun filled, and just the way 
I like to spend my one special day a year.

I celebrated with my family first.
We had a joint birthday dinner for me and my dad,
our birthdays are two days apart.
My mom prepared the most marvelous three course meal 
that was absolutely beautiful.
Aunt Sue, Uncle Doug, Aunt Diane, Granna,
my sisters, brother in laws, nieces and nephew all came to help us celebrate,
and enjoy the extremely festive Backers cake,
it was a lovely evening.

The next day was my actual birthday! 
Laura picked me up from my house in the morning
and brought me to La Maison de le Terburg for a fabulous
breakfast brought all the way from the Original Pancake house!
I have been dying to try that place out so I was ecstatic that my
thoughtful friends drove all the way to SLC to bring it to me
on my birthday!  Angie made a rum infused whipped cream
for all of our pumpkin, apple and coconut blueberry pancakes
 I can't even describe how delicious that and everything was.
It was the perfect beginning to my 27th birthday.

That night we all reconvened for dinner
at the Foundry Grill at Sundance.
My friends picked the venue, and they were spot on
with the best restaurant I would want to celebrate my birthday at.
I have mentioned before how enchanted I am with Sundance
so it was the perfect choice.  All of our entrees were beyond 
amazing and the free dessert they give you for your birthday
is so delicious!

The night ended with
a comfy, adorable cate onsie
a comfy couch
the best company
and a funny flick 
the perfect ending to a perfect birthday

Thank you so much to everyone
who contributed to making my birthday
so wonderful this year, from facebook posts, to text messges,
to thoughtful presents and cards, phone calls etc.
it means the world and more to me!


  1. Cute picture of your twin and you...

  2. FUN LOOK HOW MUCH EVERYONE LOVES YOU YOU ARE WINNING. wish i could have been there!