Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Master Art Birthday Party

My mom's birthday is in June, so
we thought it would be fun to throw her an
art themed birthday because she has such a love
of art.  She is currently pursuing one her life long dreams
to be an artist, and is taking art classes at Mesa Art Studio!
Way to go mom!

Bethy was the master party planner
 behind this party, she did all the decorations and 
activities.  She began the evening by having us all
draw names out of a bowl and you got to draw a portrait 
of that family member.  We could use any medium we wanted
some used crayons, others used colored pencils, Evie used 
water colors etc.  It was such a fun activity and everyone 
did such a great job on their drawings!  It was fun to 
draw someone else but it was also really fun to see 
how the portrait of you turned out!

Here is a portrait of Andrew created by Thomas

James, drawing a portrait of Grammy

Then it was time for dinner!
Bethy decorated the table, isn't it adorable?!

After dinner we got to watch James
enjoy his smash cake!  His birthday is two days
before my mom's and he go to celebrate on a family trip to
Yellowstone but he hadn't had time for his cake.  I'm glad 
we all got to watch him go at it because he was loving it!

Then we gave Grammy her cake.
Here she is with all of her nine grandchildren!

While the adults enjoyed the cake
the kids enjoyed these adorable rice krispies paint brushes
Jenny made

Our second activity was an art themed photo booth
our family always loves a good photo booth

Then it was time for presents!
I could hardly wait for this part
my sisters, dad and I had gotten 
the perfect gift for her and I couldn't wait for 
her to open it!!

I worked with the people at the 
gallery I did my internship at, Alderwood Fine Art, 
and commissioned a painting of the house my mom's dad had 
grown up in.  She adores this house, so we thought it would be the 
perfect present!  I picked the artist, Rob Adamson, based on
some of his pieces that were in the gallery while I was working 
there.  He was so nice and painted it on location, it's located 
on Main Street right by the capital.  I was THRILLED with how
it turned out, I was basically jumping up and down when I went 
to pick it up from Alderwood!  My mom was in love with it the moment 
she saw it.  She loved every single detail and couldn't believe we had
gotten a picture done of her dad's house!  It will definitely be a memorable 

Happy Happy birthday mom!
we all love you more then words can describe 

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  1. such a fun birthday! the portraits of everybody were priceless! I loved every single one. Thanks again for organizing the painting for mom.