Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sammy's Wreck it Ralph Birthday

Sammy turned three this year, and we celebrated by
attending his super fun Wreck it Ralph birthday party!
I love this movie so much so I was excited to see what the
Griffins had planned, it was such a fun theme to work with!

This is Vanellope Von Schweetz, she is one of the 
main characters in the movie, in case you haven't seen it.  
I thought it would be fun to dress up as her and 
surprise my nephew!  It was a super fun and easy
costume to put together, and all of the kids
loved it so much!  Mainly because I was covered 
in candy...

I loved all the super cute and creative 
food items that made up the buffet.  Jens 
did such a great job!

Jenny and Mike had these adorable 
brick blocks that the kids had a total
blast playing with! 

Then it was time for some 
delicious birthday cake!
Isn't it such and adorable cake?!

Then it was time for us to try our hands 
at making our own candy racers
just like Vanellope's!

I loved these cute ice cream
cones we made out of cotton candy

The kids were excited to 
watch a few clips from the movie

We ended the night 
with the cute photo booth!

Sam's face in this photo is my favorite, 
it's his strong, Wreck it Ralph face.

Happy Happy birthday sweet sammy!
And thanks again Mike and Jenny for 
another wonderful party!
I love every second


  1. Kate, you may just have the most fun/creative family I've ever heard of!

    1. Thanks Dallon!! We do have a lot of fun and always love a fun, themed party!

  2. You guys did a great job decorating the Sugar Rush in the hutch! My favorite, though was your costume and the candy hair do! Isn't if fun celebrating life?