Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Happy Place

My 2013-2014 snowboarding season consisted of two trips, once to Sundance and once to Brighton.  I was so hoping to make it up more since I had such an open schedule this winter, but it just didn't happen.  But I'm hoping it will be different this coming season!

The first time I went was up to Sundance and I went with my bestie Lisa.  We went on a gorgeous spring afternoon, it was so warm and we basically had the entire place to ourselves!  It was the perfect day!

A couple of weeks later I headed up to Brighton with my good friend Angie.  It was yet another perfect spring day!  It was so, so warm we barely even needed our hoodies.  Spring boarding is one of my most favorite things in the entire world, it's my happy place so I'm glad both my trips this year were during the spring!

We didn't realize that we were complete twins until we were all dressed and ready to head up the mountain.  You could always find us on the mountain with our bright red pants

These were the kind of lines we were battling all. day. long.

Riding the lift was a complete delight.  Usually I freeze on the lift during winter boarding or night boarding, but spring boarding it is almost the best part!

Until next year, you gorgeous mountains you!  If anyone ever needs a snowboarding buddy hit me up! I am always up for a boarding trip


  1. Sweet pulled pork nachos at Bearclaw! Best ever... Ummm, you should probably go more often, and go with me!

    1. Ummm .... Dallon, yes we totally need to go together! I can't believe we still haven't gone up together, we need to change that this year for sure!