Sunday, September 7, 2014


Rudesheim is a quaint little winemaking village in the 
Rhine Gorge and was the last of the charming German towns 
that we visited on this trip.  We rode the most adorable little
train into town from the dock, then took a ride on the gondola 
to get stunning views of the town and the beautiful vineyards.

After our gondola ride, we set about
exploring the town and perusing souvenir shops

Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum houses of the largest 
collections of self playing music devices in the world.  We got to take a tour of 
this fascinating museum, I was blown away by some of the "music boxes" they showed us!

This was one of my favorites!  There are only a handful of 
music boxes like this left.  They were used in dance halls back in 
the day, it sounds exactly like a full orchestra and was extremely loud!

This was also a favorite.  It's an electric player piano
as well as 6 player violins, it was fascinating to watch it work

This player piano played rolls recorded 
by Chopin himself!  It was as close to hearing him
play in concert as I will ever get.

Ok I have changed my mind THIS was my favorite music box.
It plays a beautiful bird song and the bird moves it beak and swirls on 
it's platform. 

After our musical tour it was time for a little treat. 
We headed to the closest adorable cafe and ordered some
spaghetti ice cream!  This is a German speciality so we needed
to make sure to get some before leaving the country.

As you can imagine, it was delicious!

That evening we had a special dinner at port!  We dined at the 
very fun and very festive Rudesheimer Scholss.  There was a 
band playing live traditional music, and we all got tables in
their beautiful courtyard.  It was such a fun and memorable meal!

On our beautiful evening stroll back to the boat
we happened upon this too-cute-to-handle family of geese.
The babies were some of the cutest things I have ever seen

Then we set sail and started
our journey to the one and only 

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  1. this was a charming charming town. I loved all the activities we did there! I will love music boxes a little more now.