Thursday, September 4, 2014


Wurzburg is beautiful!  It was warm
and sunny with blue skies.  Which was very 
much welcomed after all the clouds and rain
we had experienced in the last few ports.
We arrived early in the morning and had a few minutes to walk
around town before heading back to the boat for a 
glass blowing demonstration by a Wurzburg local.

As we walked into town we 
had gorgeous views of the Wurzburg's Old Main Bridge
which is lined with statues of saints, it is very reminiscent 
of the gorgeous St. Charles bridge in Prague

The glass blowing demonstration
was outstanding!  He created a couple of 
different pieces for us including a traditional
tear drop candle holder.

He had some of his products set
up all over the lounge for us to brows through.
He had some of the most unique glass products that 
I have ever seen, it was fascinating!

Then we loaded into our coaches
and drove the short distance to the Wurzburg Residence.
This palace is the most gorgeous building that I have ever seen.
The interior is so beautiful and so unique, it truly is like nothing I have 
ever visited.  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos 
inside, so I pulled a few photos off the internet
but they come no where near giving this place 
the justice it deserves, but they will have to do.

The White Hall was one of my favorite 
rooms.  The white stucco Baroque decor 
on the light grey walls was so beautiful and intricate.
I could have stood in that room for hours and still
not have taken it all in.

This is the Imperial Hall.
This room is amazing because the 
ceiling frescos are 3D in some areas.  
Some of the draperies come flowing out 
of the painting, legs, arms and feet all stick out and 
are made out of paper mache to become 3D.  It was 
so creative and imaginative and so well done!
The transition from painting to sculpture was seamless.
I'm still geeking out about how cool it was.

Wurzburg you were wonderful!

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  1. What a fascinating place! Your post really conveyed what it was like, and the magnificence of the palace.