Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fourth Annual Valentine Tea

Every year I host a Valentine's Tea party for my two nieces and nephew that live in Utah.  I have so much fun throwing this party each year, I try to make it a little kid's paradise and attempt to make all of their wildest dreams come true.  I made GF chocolate cupcakes and got macrons from Trader Joes to help decorate the table.  I handmade two kinds of heart shaped chocolate truffles, raspberry and mint, complete with glitter and heart sprinkles and had them in glass bowls on the table as well. I also had cherry gummy hearts from Whole Food and chocolate covered cherry Jelly beans in an antique gold box on the table for nibbling through out the afternoon.

We had sparkling cherry limeade, complete with bottomless cherries, to drink

I made these fun glitter books out of old dictionaries that I found at the DI.  Aren't they the coolest tablescape decoration?  They had glitz and glamour instantly.

The lunch menu included:
 Three cheese Paninis with Fig Jam and Honey
Sharp Cheddar Paninis (for the kids)
Fresh Mixed Berries with Homemade Rose Infused Whipped Cream
Strawberry and Spinach Salad

These were the party favors I gave to the adults:
-Conversation Heart Bath Bomb
_- Red Heart Necklaces 
- Valentine Mix Jelly Bellys 
- Essence Lipstick
I had picked out lipstick colors that matched the personalities and styles of my two sisters and mom, it was kind of fun and they all loved the shade they got!  I had everyone open their favors after lunch because 95% of the fun of giving gifts is watching them being opened and enjoyed.  The other 5% is having fun picking things out you know they will love!. I also wanted them to be able to enjoy all the fun things the rest of the afternoon.  It was like Christmas morning all over again!

I didn't get a picture of what was in the kids' favors which included:
-Fanta flavored lip gloss for the girls and Dr. Pepper chapstick for Sam
- Red and Pink Gem Heart Necklaces
- Heart Shaped Bubbles
- Valentine Pez Dispensers
- Valentine Mix Jelly Bellys

Sam was especially happy about the candy...

Then it was time for crafts!  Jenny had brought a couple of different fun valentine crafts for us all to enjoy.  I took a poll of what Disney movie everyone would like to watch out of the three I have on DVD and the winner was Tangled.  So I put that on to be playing in the background while we crafted and chatted and enjoyed more treats and cherry limeades. 

Many thanks to all who attended and all who came early to help me pull everything together at the last minute!  I love putting this fun party on every year, and the treasured tradition it has become.


  1. you are so amazing and talented. i couldn't do that. so lucky to have you as a friend!

  2. It was a beautiful table, with amazing homemade treats, and special touches of gold glitter and confetti! The food was delicious, the crafts were fun, and the gifts amazing...such a fun day with the girls! Thank you talented Kate! Great pictures caught the flavor of the event so well.