Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Golden Birthday Vegas Edition: Tradition

Sadly, our crazy Golden Birthday Vegas Celebration could only last for one day.  So, we slept in as long as we could, packed up and checked out.  We got brunch at Serendipities, we have decided to make it a tradition to eat there every time we have a girls get away to vegas.  It's such so adorable and delicious!

Becky and I got an Amaretto Frozen Hot Chocolate to share
It was so amazingly tasty and romantic

When I saw they had Chicken and Waffles on their brunch menu I was sold.  Chicken and waffles is the best breakfast/brunch item ever, if I ever see it on any menu, I don't need to look any further.  When I ordered it, they asked if I would like to have bacon in the waffle batter.... Uhm .... is that even a question? YES!  It was served with honey mustard and syrup, which I was curious to see how those two would mesh .... they mesh well, very well.

It was definitely a ginormous feast!  So, I got to take some home and enjoy a little bit of Vegas on Monday after work for dinner.

After brunch, we watched a couple of the Bellagio fountain shows and strolled through their gardens.  I always love to see what they have done with the gardens every time I visit vegas.  This time they were all decked out for Chinese New Year!  I have never seen them like that before and it was amazing!!!!!!  I'm so glad we got to see them!

The current exhibit at the Bellagio's museum is on Faberge Eggs, so the art piece they have recreated in a Faberge egg, the hydrangeas have glitter all over them. I just had a huge revelation! Whenever anyone asks me what my dream job would be, I never have had an answer, but I just figured it out. My dream job would be ... to be in charge of coming up with the art piece to recreate in flowers, then making it happen for the Bellaggio gardens.  But somehow do that without living in Vegas ..

After we said goodbye to the strip we made one last stop at the Gold and Silver Pawn shop, the shop made famous by Pawn Stars.  It was pretty interesting to see it in person and look at all of the cool stuff they have for sale.  Then we drove home!

Thanks again Lisa and Becky for such a fun and memorable trip to Vegas! I can't wait until next time!  let's make it happen sooooon!

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