Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Spontaneous Trip to Disney!

This past March I was really beginning to fret because I thought for sure I was going to miss Disneyland's Sixtieth Diamond celebration and special "Season of the Force" Star Wars celebration. Those are two things I really felt like I needed in my life. Luckily, Jenny and Bethy were willing to sacrifice one of their weekend and go on a super spontaneous Disney adventure with me. It was quite the whirlwind trip, and it may have taken me about a week to recover from it, but it was definitely worth it to see and eat all of the special things Disney had added for these two special occasions.

We flew to CA after work on a Friday and got to our hotel around 8 pm. Bethy and I decided it was time Jenny experienced the fun and delicious party that is known as the Jazz Kitchen in downtown Disney. We enjoyed our southern meals to the sounds of lively Jazz music. Then we hurried off to bed so that we could wake up and be waiting at the gates before the parks opened.

We decided to begin our weekend of fun in California Adventure, so as soon as the gates were opened, we were speed walking/run dancing our way to Toy Story.

Then we rode California Screamin' 

Then redeemed our fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers, one of my favorite rides in California Adventure!

Hair. Everywhere.

I still can't believe how lucky our next 30 minutes were. We were on track to ride Tower of Terror before the lines got to long, when Jenny happened to notice they were coming out to open the doors to the new Luigi's Rocklickin Roadsters for it's soft opening. We were one of the first 50 people to ride this new adorable ride!! I must admit, I am so happy they did away with Luigi's Flying Tires, I thought that ride was lame, but the setting was so cute, so I was always torn! The new ride is super fun, visitors get to take a ride in the cars while they do fun little dances set to upbeat Italian songs. It's pretty darn adorable to watch, and is really fun to ride!

After our super lucky ride at Luigi's and getting our thrills on at the Tower of Terror, it was time to finally get some breakfast! We were having such amazing luck with wait times that we just couldn't pass them up, so our breakfast kept getting pushed further and further back, but that's ok, we had had a terrific morning!

I was dying over all of the fun Diamond Celebration special decor! I was elated that I had made it to Disney to see and experience it all. I still get the excited butterflies in my tummy when I think about it, it was all so magical for me.

The castle was dripping with diamonds, it was so hard to document how gorgeous it was, especially with just a camera phone.

And this was my breakfast of champions from Jolly Holiday, MACAROONS! I needed to get all of the macaroons, I could not pick just one. Laura had introduced me to the AMAZING raspberry macaroons during my Golden Mermaid Birthday Extravaganza last year, and now I must get one whenever I am at Disney since they are literally life changing. And, I used the word literally correct there, it changed my life for the better.

Jenny's whoopee pie breakfast, look how fun it is!

Jolly Holiday had a special 60th celebration, slushie refresher drink known as, the Frozen Pomegranate Silver Sparkler. The foam, which was sour apple flavored, was dusted with specks of silver. I felt so fancy drinking it. I tried to document the silver specks, but none of the pictures turned out too well.

Also, one of the first things I wanted/needed to do when we got into Disneyland was find one of the special diamond bow headbands that were limited editions. One of my friends had gotten one when she visited for Disney's 60th, and I loved it so much that as soon as we hit Main Street U.S.A. I was on a mission! It was even cuter and more magical in person! I wanted to be able to wear it all day, that's why it was a top priority for me!

I could not stop taking pictures of my breakfast, I seriously almost didn't eat them because they were too cute.

We are under a canopy of the most gorgeous, pink flowers. The flowers at Disney never cease to amaze me, they are always so colorful, and bursting with blooms and are just as whimsical and magical as everything else in the park.

Then it was time to head over to Adventure Land to experience the Season of the Force! EEEEeeeee! I was just excited for this special celebration as I was for the Diamond Celebration. I am a Star Wars fan! Well, of Episodes 4-7 .... 

The number one thing I was most excited for, in the ride category, I was pretty darn excited for some of the special Star Wars treats, was Hyperspace Mountain. Space Mountain is already one of my favorite rides at Disney, so when they combined it with Star Wars I just was blown away with happiness and excitement. When we were all buckled in, and the main Stars Wars theme started to play, I almost cried tears of happiness and joy, two of my favorite things coming together to create the best thing!

I personally think they should keep it Hyperspace Mountain forever.

Special Star Wars treat number one: Frozen Lemonade in THE CUTEST BB8 cup.

We had planned to spend more time in Adventure Land the following day since Jenny wanted something special from there for breakfast, so we saved some of the Star Wars excitement for then.

It was time for Jenny's favorite ride, It's a Small World!

I full on fell asleep during our happy cruise around the world, and that was what solidified the fact that I needed to go back to the hotel to take a nap. We had been speed walking from ride to ride, and shopping, and treat buying and I was exhausted. Jenny and Bethy agreed that a nap was a good idea, we were hoping to not leave the park since we only had 1.5 days to cover both parks, but we decided to be happy, rested campers rather than exhausted, stubborn campers.

So, the three of us headed back to our our cute hotel, the Park Vue Inn, which is located directly across the street from the park entrance, to take a quick, couple hour nap to recharge us for a night of parades, rides and fun! All of which is coming up in the next post!

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