Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Valentine's Date With Kip

This past Valentine's Day was one of my favorite Valentine's Days of all time. I went to the Kip Moore concert at the Depot with one of my favorite country loving gal pals, Laura.

The Cadillac Three was the opening band,
they were a pretty good time

Seeing Kip, as a headliner, in a small, intimate venue, was beyond amazing. He is so adorable and fun and definitely knows how to throw a party.

One thing I loved so much about this show was how personal Kip was in between shows. It's always interesting to see how different performers are when I see them live, some love to chat in between songs, others rush threw their set without saying much. Some love to interact with their fans, shaking their hands, high fiving everyone in sight, sitting on the edge of the stage to serenade a couple lucky fans (Tim McGraw) others only hand out a couple high fives during their show (Luke Bryan). One way isn't better than another, it's just interesting to see their differences, all of them put on amazing, fun shows.

Kip was one of those performers that likes to chat in between songs, he gave us backgrounds on certain songs, he talked about the struggles he overcame to get his Wild Ones album out and other fun things that were fun to learn.

Thanks Kip for such a fun night!

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