Monday, August 15, 2016

Paint The Night Parade

Our night at Disney was pretty serendipitous, we took our time waking up from our naps, getting ready for the night, and walking back to the park. When we got through the gates we saw everyone lining up for the parade, we didn't plan on seeing the parade but the timing seemed too perfect. Bethy and I got dinner to go from the Village Haus, while Jenny saved us seats for the parade. 

I am so glad we happened upon the parade, 
it was much more magical than I had anticipated it being.

After the parade we were off to ride a few more rides, our first stop, after a mini photo shoot at the castle since it was so breathtaking all lit up and sparkling, was Adventureland to redeem our fast passes for Star Tours.

Bethy did Jenny's hair in Leia buns, they looked sooooo cute on her!
I mean, just look at those buns!

After riding a few more rides, we headed to Pooh's Corner to get some essential treats. One of my favorite treats at Disney are the chocolate covered pineapple wedges. They are divine! 

I thought this mug was adorable, and now I am a little bit sad I walked away with just a picture and not the actual mug... however, I did walk away with....

This awesome, limited edition, 60th anniversary stein! I got it from the Village Haus when we got dinner before the parade. I just couldn't resist! All of the lands are represented with iconic rides from each land. And the castle on the top was just too much. I still gush over how cute it is!

We were one of the last ones out of the park, but we had to stop and view the cute animated windows they have at the top of main street. They were so magical!

Whew! What. A. Day! The pedometer on my phone said I took 21,911 which comes out to a little over 10 miles. We were exhausted, but so happy! We had had so much fun, and covered so much ground. We slowly made our way back to our hotel to get a good, long nights rest before we got up at the crack of dawn to fit in as much Disney magic before we headed to the airport.

One more Disney post coming up next!

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