Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Farewell Dinner at Toldboden

For our farewell dinner in Copenhagen, we ate at Toldboden. It is a gorgeous restaurant with amazing views of the river.

The long wooden tables were perfect for our large party

The ordering was kind of different, you could chose the buffet, which looked gorgeous filled with all sorts of fresh vegtable salads and grilled meats. Or your could order from the grill where they had everything from hot dogs to lobster tails.

I went with the hot dog option and it was delicious!

Ricky and Ben had rented bikes and rode to the restaurant so they biked home, a few took taxis and the rest of us walked. Many people in our group were on the Pokemon Go train and walking the streets in Denmark was a gold mine for all sorts of prizes and such. Some of us chose to walk purely to enjoy the beautiful weather and the gorgeous sunset.

Our walk led us passed the opera house and the palace

And through the wharf, which was buzzing with all the weekend excitement 

We passed by this dragon tower a lot during our stay in the city, it quickly became a favorite landmark amongst our group. The tower sits atop the Old Stock Exchange building, the four intertwined dragon tails of the dragon spire are topped by three crowns, symbolizing the Scandinavian empire (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). 

Ricky and Ben happened to bike passed us at one point, it's always fun running into someone you know in a foreign country. It happened to us quite often on this trip since there were so many of us and we often split up to go on different adventures.

That night it was early to bed since the next day we 
boarded the ship that would be our home
for the next two weeks,

The Disney Magic

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