Monday, November 21, 2016

Oslo, Norway: Magic Ice Bar

 Our first port was Olso, Norway. One of the things I was looking forward to the most on the trip was the Magic Ice Bar in downtown Oslo! It was the perfect first stop.

When you arrive, you step into a normal looking store, we were nervous we had come to the wrong place. They quickly assured us we were in the right place for the magical experience we had come for. We were guided to the back of the store to get all bundled in preparation to stepping into a below freezing wonderland. We were given heavy, hooded capes, gloves and boots to slip on over our shoes. Then we were invited to step through the two heavy doors into the enchanting ice bar.

Absolutely everything is made out of ice, the benches, tables, walls and even the glasses. There are also several works of art created by local artists, all made completely out of ice, on display and lit up with changing LED lights.

A drink is included in the price of admission, so we all chose to try their signature sparkling orange lemonade. All our drinks came in ice glasses and served with a straw. I tried to drink mine without a straw, and I instantly knew why we were given straws. My lips were freezing! But our drinks sure were cool and refreshing!

We stayed in the bar as long as we could stand the cold, the temperature is around -5 degrees celsius or 23 degrees fahrenheit. We definitely had to keep our gloves on or else our hands turned to ice. We all emerged from the ice bar with rosy cheeks and red noses and welcomed the warm rush of heat as we stepped out of the below freezing bar.

This experience definitely did not disappoint, it was just as magical as I was hoping it would be! Next, we picked up the rest of the family and headed to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History which was fascinating and oh so beautiful. 

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