Monday, November 7, 2016

Kristina and Frilandsmuseet

Our second day in Copenhagen began with a very special, personal stop for our family, we began the day by visiting the Kristina Statue.

The Kristina statue, created by Dennis Smith, a well known Utah artist, was installed here in Copenhagen during the summer of 2000. She stands tall and stoic as a tribute to the 20,000 LDS saints who departed from this pier as they emigrated to America in the 1850s. At Kristina's feet are bricks with the names of Saints who left from this pier.

Our ancestors were among those many, devoted saints who emigrated to America

We sat on the steps, over looking the beautiful pier as Mom told us stories about our ancestors who left Denmark for America, and the struggles they had to endure and overcome on their long journey.

After learning about the emigration of our ancestors, we then learned about what their life was like here in Denmark at the Frilandsmuseet open air museum.  Frilandsmuseet opened in1897, and is one of the oldest and biggest open air museums in the world. Spread across 86 acres of land, the museum houses more than 50 farms, mills and houses from the period 1650-1940.

Vienne went on her first horse ride ever! These adorable fjord ponies are just her size. The beginning of the ride was a little rocky, V was a little bit nervous about the whole thing. But by the time they made it to the end of the ride, she didn't want to get off.

We learned all about what daily life was like in Denmark during the 1600 and 1700s. We saw inside of homes, and the kids got to practice doing the wash, making butter and brushing sheep's wool.

Thomas was extremely proud of his little ball of cotton he help make. It would surface at random times throughout the next three weeks.

As you can tell from the photos, the grounds of this museum are absolutely gorgeous. So lush and green! The Burton boys, who live in Arizona and see miles and miles of desert everyday, were blown away by all the greenery.

After our lovely morning exploring Frilandsmuseet, we headed back to the city for lunch at the charming Brdr. Price

James went around to different people asking them to draw pictures for him

We had a set menu for lunch, and it was delicious! We had the entire room to ourselves and we enjoyed our meal, a little time to relax, and being with family, it was a lovely lunch.

After eating and resting for a bit, we all felt refreshed and got our second wind of energy. Which was good since our day wasn't over yet, after lunch we went on a tour of a castle and saw the crown jewels of Denmark!

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