Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Animal Kingdom: Asia

The second half of our day in Animal Kingdom was spent in the part of the park that is dedicated to Asia. I had been super excited to finally get the chance to ride Expedition Everest! Everyone I had talked to about Disney World said this is their favorite ride out of all the rides in all four parks. It definitely lived up to the hype, Laura made sure to not tell me too much about the ride so it was full of some super fun surprises!

These baby yetis were too cute to handle

I could not get enough of the amazing decor in this part of the park, it was definitely my jam

I am obsessed with these baby animals in blankets, if I was little I for sure would have begged by parents for one. I love all the character versions, they make baby everyone from Ursala to Kristoff to the yeti (as pictured and swooned about above) to Marie. I also fell in love with these adorable safari animals.

I also swooned over these gorgeous Toms, I wanted all the things in all the gift stores

Then we were off on the Maharajah Jungle Trek to see some beautiful animals!

The tiger viewing area is stunning, there are murals over all the walls and the architecture is stunning. The tigers seemed to be taking their afternoon nap since we couldn't find them anywhere, but their habitat looks nice!

We finally found a sleeping tiger!

The bird watching area was another favorite of mine, there were so many beautiful birds and their bird houses were just as stunning

In addition to the two main areas of the park, there is a small section of Animal Kingdom called Dinoland, USA. We didn't spend too much time here, most of the rides and attractions are geared towards a younger crowd, but we did pop over to ride Dinosaur.

Dinosaur is a pretty awesome ride, it's extremely similar to Indiana Jones, you ride in big jeeps that rock you around as you go on an adventure in the Jurassic era.

We popped into one of the Dinoland stores to look around and cool off in some air conditioning for a little while, January in Florida is pretty warm. It was a pretty cute little shop.

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