Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Years Eve

On New Year's Eve, we had a white elephant gift exchange, a tradition that started last year when we were learning about boxing day. Members of the family had been collecting silly gifts all year long to bring to this party. We shared So. Many. Giggles

Ben got a self stirring mug. He was actually pretty stoked about this gift.

Will got poop emoji slippers

Lucky mom walked away with a magical bag of unicorn toots

Andrew got a lil happy stuffed colon...

...Which Thomas was excited to steal because he is fascinated with anatomy and thought a stuffed colon was the coolest thing ever. He is still super in love with it, he made sure to show it to me when I went to his house for spring break.

Jenny got a favorite child ribbon

James got this toilet coffee mug, as you can imagine, it was a very popular item 

Thie big tub of orange puffs got stolen a few times, it was a hot item with the littles

90% of the people in the room would have been so thrilled to get a squirtle backpack, we have quite a few pokemon lovers in the family. My Dad is part of the 10% who doesn't understand pokemon at all, it was hilarious watching him trying to get someone to steal it so he could pick another gift.

Everyone got so excited when it was V's turn, she is quite the little celebrity in the family. She got a kitty mischief box bank and it was adorable. I had my turn right after V, and I stole it from her... she was fine with it, I promise. Bethy, was not, she stole it from me when it was her turn and items can only be stolen twice so it was safe.

The marketing on the box is awesome

The next gift I opened was a yodeling pickle, which I think wins for the most random gift of all. Ricky ended up stealing the pickle he and all the boys thought it was the silliest thing ever.

I ended up with a hand kitty, which is pretty adorable

We had a few extra gifts when everyone had gone, so dad got a chance to walk away with something non pokemon related... he ended up with Subtle Butts... I think he preferred the backpack haha

Evie got these pet jellyfish, they were one of the gifts I brought I thought they were pretty cool but kinda silly

After all the giggles from the white elephant exchange, we had even more laughs when we played Watch ya' Mouth. All pictures from that game are sealed in the family giggle vault

Then it was time to count down and cheers to the new year, my favorite part of New Years Eve!

Karin's face says it all ...

Happy New Year!!!!! I always love new and fresh beginnings, here's to an adventure filled 2017!

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