Wednesday, June 27, 2018

4th of July 2017

I am officially one full year behind in blogging..yay... haha oh well I'll catch up one of these days ... maybe....

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it, the weather, the BBQs, the fireworks, the music, the baseball games, the parades, and most of all how chill of a holiday it is! There is just so much to love about it.

This year I did a lot of celebrating. First, I kicked off the Fourth of July season by attending the Utah Symphony at the Waterfall at Thanksgiving Point. I have been to this event the past couple of years, and it is always so much fun. Every year, they have a special musical guest perform with the Utah Symphony, this year it was the Gentleman Trio, Gentri.

As always they put on a wonderful show, the music was wonderful and they played to a packed house!

We get these fun little treat packages to enjoy during the show, the treats are different every year. This year there was a homemade popcorn mix, redvines and a bottle of water.

After the concert comes the fireworks!! It's fun to be so close to them.

The actual 4th of July weekend started with a Bee's baseball game! I love going to baseball games, it's like the ultimate summer activity! The Madisons, Dad and I attended this game, and we all made sure to wear our baseball hats!

V had such a fun time! She bopped between all the adults, being silly and having fun.

We got gourmet hotdogs for dinner

Watched the beautiful sunset over the field

Even though we only half paid attention to the actual game, we were excited that our team won! Go Bees! After the game, we all gathered on the field for the firework show, my favorite part!

The next day was the actual holiday! We have such a fun family tradition of having a BBQ and fireworks at the Griffin's house! I look forward to it every year!

Mike grills us up some delicious burgers and hot dogs

And Jenny and the kids made this adorable and delicious flag cake

After dinner, while we were waiting for the sun to set, we played with sparklers and had popsicles!

When it was finally dark enough, Mike put on a fabulous firework show for us!

When our personal firework show was over. We headed over to the neighborhood park to watch all the aerials their neighbors were letting off. We were surrounded by ginormous fireworks, it was so hard to capture in pictures, but it was such a fun experience to live.

One of my new neighbors posted this picture of what the 4th looks like from our neighborhood, you can see fireworks all across the valley!

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  1. The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays! I love hanging out with family in a low key celebration that includes Cheetos.Great memories! Thanks for documenting it!